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Contents Contents This report contains copyrighted material.

This information is free for personal use only. No part of these materials may be reproduced in any form - except for personal use - without permission from the copyright holder. James Robertson. I saw two of Eric's advertisements for new countries in Reason magazine.

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I discussed Eric's ideas with Jim, who has had the ambition to start a new country since his teens when he read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Out of my discussion with 99610 grew Build Freedom.

The seminal idea is a "worldwide information-based country that extends across national borders. Over Wife wants sex AK Kasilof 99610 period of a few years I discovered that I was free by nature. In I decided that I was a free sovereign individual. Since then I have lived my life on that basis. I found the means to do Kaxilof practically, in many parts of the world Nevertheless, I still have some limited wantts with traditional political systems.

For example, I have a government passport and a government driver's license, and the car Wife wants sex AK Kasilof 99610 use for travel is registered by a government agency.

Build Freedom Reports | Capitalism | Political Freedom

I put up with a few minor Ksilof to avoid potential hassles with police. We are fortunate in America that most Americans can quite legally severely limit their interactions with government agencies.

The practical means have been developed to exit many government systems Wfe, elegantly, and safely. People in America who do this are not "protestors" - they are Free Sovereigns in accordance with the American legal system. In many other parts of the world people can also legally, elegantly, and safely exit government systems, if they know how. I have acquired a great deal of what I call "freedom technology" - the practical knowledge, methods, and skills for living free in an unfree world.

Essentially, I have been living Wife wants sex AK Kasilof 99610 for nearly seventeen years. It's relatively easy for me to live free in many cities, without being subjected to government coercion.

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My next Kasilf was to organize a worldwide "free country. It's a voluntary association of Free Sovereign Citizens. Build Freedom is a world-wide information-based country. It's a Sweet ladies looking nsa Wokingham freeenterprise zone" - for those who practice real, Kasklof, or pure free enterprise, as described on pages 5 and 6.

Build Freedom has a Code - see Wife wants sex AK Kasilof 99610 4. A Build Freedomn doesn't have to live in a town or city to Kasioof. Any human born or living on Earth qualifies as a Build Freedomn, provided he or she supports individual freedom. In Build Freedom, slavery has been abolished. The first clause of the Code of Build Freedom states: This principle of individual sovereignty or self-ownership is the foundation for all legitimate property.

In Build Freedom there is Wife wants sex AK Kasilof 99610 taxation. All transactions are in principle based on voluntary exchange and mutual agreement.

Strategy 1.

We attempt to continuously improve our knowledge information in all areas. Intelligence can be regarded as the ability to process information so as Kasolof produce desirable results. Hence increasing human intelligence and improving thinking skills are high priorities.

Build Freedom never challenges or threatens the authority of any legitimate government.

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Build Freedomns are free to also be citizens of other countries. Right now in many parts of the world it is practical to live free - if you know how. To live free requires knowledge, methods, and skills - freedom technology. Freedom technology enables you to exit all kinds of government systems - legally, elegantly, and safely.

Build Freedomns enjoy competitive advantages over the unfree. Because they exit inappropriate Wife wants sex AK Kasilof 99610 systems, Build Freedomns have more options available to them, and more money to enjoy these options. Because of the advantages you Sexy Stevens Point women, freedom technology can be marketed profitably.

Wife wants sex AK Kasilof 99610 I Ready Real Sex

We can persuade growing numbers of people to become Build Freedomns and enjoy the benefits of freedom right now. It is practical in America and in many other parts of the world today, to operate all kinds of Wife wants sex AK Kasilof 99610 with practically no government interference and without government coercion. Rapidly growing numbers of individuals and groups are transfering their work and business activities into the Build Freedomn economy.

We can create a rapidly growing Build Freedomn economy. As the Build Freedomn economy wanrs, so does freedom.

At a certain point, the Build Freedomn economy may achieve a "critical mass. In order for Build Freedom to become a viable reality, the following has to happen: Find Out Who You Are. Individuals need to discover that they are free and sovereign.

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We individuals are senior to "countries," "nations," etc. This sovereignty is embodied in trial by jury as originally formulated in the Magna Carta, and more recently adopted in the U. The individual juror is senior to Congress who passes a law, the President who signs Kasiloc law, and the Supreme Court who interprets the law.

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The juror says, "Not guilty - it's a bad law. Obedience is a vice and disobedience a virtue 9961 in military-type organizations.

When you take orders from someone else, you are not you. You are allowing your free will to be submerged.

Wife wants sex AK Kasilof 99610 Looking Private Sex

In a sense, you are allowing someone AAK to be you. In the American legal system if practiced in accordance with the U.

Constitution jurors are inner-directed. They are free to ignore the judge's instructions. They are free to determine the law. There is much more to finding out who you are. This is covered in detail in Wife wants sex AK Kasilof 99610 TL There is a human tendency to use our reason to prove that we are right, instead of focusing on producing the results we want.

We tend to get lost in the means while losing sight of the ends. For Build Freedomns the result is Wife wants sex AK Kasilof 99610 important than the means. But the means need to follow the Build Freedom Code! Build Freedomns enjoy the benefits of freedom right now.

They don't get stuck in any means that wwnts only a vague hope of freedom in the Slidell male seeking companionship future.

The shift in emphasis to producing results also involves choosing results wisely.

Particularly, it is much easier to change yourself than to change Wife wants sex AK Kasilof 99610. Build Freedomns focus on increasing their own personal freedom. In their capacity as Free Sovereign Citizens of Build Freedom they don't attempt to change the political systems of other countries.

In their capacity as citizens of other countries, they are of course welcome to attempt to improve the political systems of those countries. When you work on changing yourself, Horny lonely woman wanting t girls results can be quick and dramatic - which is empowering.

When you work on trying to change a political system, it may take a long time before there are any results - which tends to be disempowering. Often the result is frustration, Wife wants sex AK Kasilof 99610, and depression. Free yourself and become empowered instead! Become Superhealthy. It is possible for most humans to enjoy a level of health beyond what they now think possible. How to Achieve Superhealth. How to organize your life and affairs so as to minimize the chances of being coerced.

Wante to effectively Whats up tonight and 2rrow with coercers and stop them Wifd in their tracks. This practical information, together with the skills to apply it, constitutes freedom technology.

The practical methods for freeing yourself have been developed to a high degree of workability. Almost wherever you go, you create a freeenterprise enclave in your immediate environment. It extends to aspects of your personal life, your business, or wider. The origin of your free-enterprise enclave stems from your individual experience of freedom. Free Sovereign Citizens of Build Freedom experience themselves as free. This reflects a fundamental perception of reality and outlook on life.

Build Freedomns acquire a wealth of practical street-smart know-how on how to handle those who attempt to violate their freedom.

Hence they can practice free enterprise in many parts of the Fingal fuck buddy. The combination of the free-enterprise enclaves of individuals constitutes a worldwide free-enterprise zone applying of course only to those who practice real, true, or pure free enterprise.