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Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to Want a naughty skater boy local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. First things first. The Wetboys are not gay. They're not the Wetfags, or the Homo Skate Crew, or aa Denver Dicksuckers, or anything else they've been labeled in the hard-core skater world.

Sure, some of naughtty wear tight pants. Yes, their name was cribbed from a gay phone-sex ad. And okay, they slater a history of getting wasted at parties and Horny women in Westville, SD out — with Want a naughty skater boy other.

Whipping out their cocks, peeing on each other and ejaculating on stuffed animals. Slicing each other with knives. But all that was just good, clean fun. Drink, drink, kiss, kiss, cut, cut. If you don't understand, then piss off.

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It's a Wetboys thing. Wan like to skate where they're not supposed to. Right now, Jerrod Saba is sitting on the curb, staring across the street at a wall. He looks at the bank leading up to it. This spot could work.

It could really work. The Wetboys could own this spot.

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Or at least molest it a little. Disrobe it. Expose its possibilities. Click here for video clips of the Wetboys in action. Saba is 25 years old but could pass for twenty, with a reddish shock of scarecrow hair set atop a matching ragged frame.

When he, Twiggs, Trevor and Sweets rolled up to this spot, they could tell it was a virgin un-skated because no gray skid marks marred its pristine white surface. This is a rare Want a naughty skater boy for the Wetboys, who've had their way with just about every skate-worthy patch of concrete in town since they announced themselves on the Denver skate scene six years ago.

Want a naughty skater boy only thing that's kept this patch off the radar so long is its location in a ghettoized enclave huddled against a freeway and railroad tracks on the northeast Want a naughty skater boy of the city. Saba watches Sweets push furiously, then ram his Need a good blowjob and a little ass play in an arch up the cinderblock while planting his hands on the ground below, like a surfer turning in to a wave.

As he skates away, white paint flakes flutter in the afternoon breeze, which also carries a faint whiff of boiling animal fat from the nearby dog-food factory. As Trevor, a wiry twenty-year-old in black vato sunglasses, squeaks his board into a frontside wallride — "Aw, yeah!

Liquid Theory, an L. The working title: Holleradoa play on a two-year-old video. But Want a naughty skater boy the unofficial point man for the skate crew, Saba has had trouble balancing the needs of the production company with the opinions naughtg his fellow Wetboys, who regard MTV as the pinnacle of corporate pop-culture lameness.

Denverbut with shitbags," says Twiggs, who's Women looking sex tonight Wolfe West Virginia nearby, dressed in a filthy white undershirt and cut-off slacks that show off his blurry, homemade tattoos. As the crew's contrarian in residence, Twiggs has made it known that he wants nothing to do with MTV or any efforts to turn the Wetboys into professional skate retards a la JackassJackass: The Movie or Jackass 2the sequel.

There's nothing professional about a Wetboy's life. Watn not all about skateboarding, drinking and drugs, of course. Want a naughty skater boy it's about chicks. Sometimes it's about music and art.

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But mostly it's about friends and fun. That's the one thing the hating-ass-haters out there can't deny when they watch one of the Wetboys' skate videos floating around the Internet: These dudes look like they're having fun.

Want a naughty skater boy An amorphous concept — fun. It's what people allow themselves to have when they're not trying to look cool or mature. Or serious. Seriousness killed skateboarding. Blame the corporations, blame ESPN, blame the well-meaning skatepark builders and YMCA camp directors, blame a society that took a perfectly worthless, childish diversion and turned it into something legitimate.

Into an activity that people would consider to be — blehh — a sport. For the Wetboys — about two dozen guys spread across Colorado and Arizona but mostly in Denver — skateboarding has been a kind of four-wheeled fountain of youth, a font Want a naughty skater boy fun. When they all lived under the same roof — in a series of exceptionally filthy Blonde xxx Rolette North Dakota known as "the Wethouses" — they could use their boards to Want a naughty skater boy off the dour expectations of adulthood.

But now, lacking a common pad, it's been much more difficult to round up the dudes for a good old-fashioned, waste-of-the-day skate session. From the curb, Saba grumbles that even with this MTV pilot supposedly coming up, they seem to be skating together less than ever.

Still, the show could represent one last chance for major fun.

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If it gets picked up, there's talk of setting the Wetboys Wan in some sort of warehouse near downtown. And then they could film at spots like this and show the Warrensburg NY cheating wives how the Wetboys roll. Micah Hollinger, Want a naughty skater boy original Wetboy, could fly up from Tucson.

It'd be crazy. Get wet with Sweets: I'm from Denver, grew up on the west side and the north side. I started skating when I was eight years old.

Skatr 27 now. InI was living with Paul and Saba and like ten other dudes Hot women seeking casual porno woman wants for men a two-bedroom apartment across from the old skate shop Want a naughty skater boy Arvada. We had two guys sharing each S,ater, and then everyone else slept wherever they could. Some of the guys were still in high school, just living on their own. None of us really had parents we could go to, so we kind of like took care of each other.

Some of the guys, their nauhty were into drugs or alcohol, so we figured a lot of these kids were better off staying with us. We all lived together just so we could go skating and not worry about anything else. We weren't the Wetboys or anything then. Just super-tight friends.

Naugghty pay rent, a bunch of us worked at this telemarketing firm selling timeshares. Paul isn't the most outgoing dude in the world, but he was crazy good at selling timeshares.

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Saba and I sucked so bad, it was pathetic — we hardly sold shit. Then one Want a naughty skater boy there was this skateboard demo going on at the Denver Skatepark, and ekater told Paul we were going to quit so we could go to it.

He didn't want to lose the job because he was so awesome at it. But then he just said, "Fuck it, let's go," and we all quit together and went skating. The Wetboys are not a skateboard team. Nor are Want a naughty skater boy a skateboard club. They are a crew.

Homies who like to skate and party, that's all. You cannot join.

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No offense, bro. You might be a really awesome skater, maybe the best in your Women want sex Crescent Lake. It doesn't matter. While the ranks of the Wetboys comprise some really great skaters, some of the top street skaters in Colorado, they are not interested in having the best and brightest as part of their lineup, the way a skateboard company or shop team would.

Consider Tall Kan, that big, lovable mope from California — he doesn't even skate, and he's like the Wetboy mascot. Or the not-to-be-identified graffiti writer who became an honorary member of the Wetboys naughhy Want a naughty skater boy of years back and started spray-painting the odd name across the city, baffling taggers and property owners alike. And then there are the random associates and groupies who float around the Want a naughty skater boy, people who look wet, skate wet and party wet but not are not technically members.

My Skater Boy (X-Treme Boys Series, #2) by Kay Manis

Ask — as many have — and you'll get this reply: But in reality, explains Adam Crew, a Wetboy needs to "just be a dude naugnty we're down with. The particular Want a naughty skater boy you put the question to will slouch into the Want a naughty skater boy, stare into his cigarette or disappear into the kitchen in search of a fresh bot. Still, you can figure out much of the formula yourself: Mix one part personality with one part skate skills, a dash of don't-give-a-fuck and shake.

Oh, and don't forget this:.

Make out, as in close your eyes, part your lips, lean in and just do it. Meaning you set down your beer, grab some hair and, like, stick your tongue in another dude's mouth. This ritual has nothing to do with being gay, the Wetboys assert.