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Hear me out. You probably know about this case, if only because Sean Spicer chose to talk about it at a White House xex briefing. And you also probably know why Spicer chose to talk about it — not because a year-old girl was sexually assaulted by two much older teens in a school bathroom.

Suddenly, the administration of a man who was elected despite repeatedly being accused of committing sexual assault himself — a man caught on tape bragging about how he can get away with sexually assaulting women — was now Esx the ironic position of pointing to a sexual assault solely to argue there is a dire need to deport immigrants.

Once Spicer spoke out about the Rockville rape case, not surprisingly other xenophobes and racists and white nationalists immediately jumped on the bandwagon.

As a result, pro-immigrant and progressive people and groups felt the need to rush to the defense of the immigrant community. What soon got lost in lovfs shuffle of a case politicized for all the wrong reasons was simply this: And why did it get lost in the shuffle?

The same culture that wants to know what the woman was wearing or about her character, rather Somwone consider the abhorrent conduct of her rapist. The same culture that convicted a white Stanford University swimmer named Brock Turner of a brutal rape of a woman, but then let him off the hook with the lightest possible sentence.

Herein lies the rub with how this case has unfolded.

There is plenty of blame to go around but, ultimately, our rape culture is the problem. As a feminist, progressive, and mother, who mightily tries to avoid getting sucked into the quagmire of our Guy for relaxed encounter culture that pervades every aspect of American life, I heard about the Rockville case the day it happened and my reaction to it never changed: The truth of the Someone who loves sex asian Rockville mixed is that the 14 year old girl in this case is a victim.

Regardless of how she initially entered the bathroom, the young men very likely sexually assaulted her, and justice has not been served.

Score yet another victory for rape culture! The defense lawyer in this case, doing what defense lawyers do — which involves coming lkves with some plausible explanation that exculpates their client — argued that the victim Someone who loves sex asian Rockville mixed with one of the defendants the younger one mixef those texts showed that she actually agreed to meet up with the year-old to have consensual sex during the school day. However, there is another piece of the puzzle: The forensics report of evidence gathered at the crime scene indicated the presence of blood mixed with male fluids.

Neither teen ultimately disputed that they had engaged in intercourse with the girl during this encounter.

However, the year-old changed his story about the reason he was in the bathroom with the girl in the first place. Another thing that is concerning about this case is the relevant law.

However, the defense does not claim that the girl had an ongoing relationship with the year-old who admittedly had sex with her.

This would mean that the older defendant apparently only just missed being exposed — at a bare minimum — to a statutory rape charge which sounds like a good reason to amend that Rockille or at least provide for exceptions — an year-old is considered an adult for many legal purposes, and year-olds simply are not mature Someone who loves sex asian Rockville mixed to consent to sex with adults. And why on earth would she report the incident — she would be Rickville that she was cutting class to have sex with two boys in a bathroom, in a manner that is not exactly image enhancing for a ninth grade girl.

The outcome of this case highlights a very real double bind for a rape victim, which may mean the next such victim will hesitate to complain immediately to officials. And we all know what happens when victims of sexual assault wait to report — there is then no forensic evidence to be found and another reason not to believe the victim.

Which brings us to the final piece of this tragic story. It would seem that this case should have at least been heard by a jury.

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