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One More Delay? It is not totally convincing that we need any delays from the day end date on 24 Shevat Feb 9 Beside the above discussed day set off, there is still one more even better possible set off. Anyway, if we use this day set off, and apply it to the conclusion of the day set off on 24 Shevat Feb 9it would take us to 16 Adar Mar 3 Of course, 16 Adar is the first day following the festival of Purim Casual fucks Block Island Adar, as observed in the state of Israel.

Since Adar is such a profoundly important time period for the ending of the Amalekite Jew Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. the Great, may we look for something big in this time block this year it may have come with the US Daitng with China and North Korea. If the last flee date for Philadelphia from Babylon, per Zech 2: Well, per Isaiah 15, the cited flee and its situation did not materialize.

My next flee date guess has to be at or near Sukkot The Amalekite Khazar Ib criminals are foaming at the mouth for their next planned attacks on Iran. Certainly, their puppets will do something on Iran and on North Korea which can be linked to Iran, per Isaiah Therefore, judgment is soon coming. This is not to say that any further delays are needed ib 24 Shevat Feb 9 The handwriting is on the wall for Babylon the Great.

She is Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties.

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Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. The Conclusion Here. This coming judgment on America could come very soon in two ways. Radioactive iodine readings in Europe Sex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties. spiked up to dangerous levels recently. Scientists are concerned but they could not offer any explanation of what could be the source of this spike in radiation. Dana Durnford was more clear. Girl to fuck real horny woman explanation was that the explanation has to be the crisis at Fukushima. Thus, man will be dead by This terrible forecast brings to mind two famous Scriptures that powerfully tell us that if the Very Elect are to survive alive YESHUA must come soon to stop idiot men from killing everything, as follows:.

Matthew For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: Revelation And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth. This woman is pregnant and may deliver the man-child of Rev 11 the surfacing of the two witnesses Eliyahu and Yohannanto shepherd the nations for the arrival of YESHUA—like maybe With this backdrop, Breaking Israel News had the following interesting article by Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz though this one may not be precisely correct, the dating for the woman to deliver in Rev By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz August 29, In a dramatic escalation of hostilities, North Korea fired a missile over Japan on Tuesday morning, setting off warning sirens and sending residents running to shelter, and at least according to one rabbi, opening the door for Elijah the Prophet to appear.

At six AM Tuesday morning, an unidentified North Korean missile flew over Erimo Misaki District, on the northern island of Hokkaido, breaking into three pieces before falling into the Pacific Ocean about miles off the Japanese coast. There were no efforts by the Japanese to down the missile as it passed over their airspace. However, the rabbi had a Biblical perspective Want granny sex contacts Ashdod the turmoil emanating from North Korea, explaining that it is actually part of the process of redemption because it generates the necessary final ingredient to bring the Messiah: He shall reconcile parents with children and children with their parents, so that, when I come, I do not strike the whole land with utter destruction.

Lo, I will send the navi Eliyahu to you before the coming of the awesome, fearful day of Hashem. Malachi 3: That is certainly one way to wake people up. In fact, multiple conflicts and catastrophes are generating concern around the globe: Rabbi Grylak emphasized that at the root of the turbulence was the issue of Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties.

and the Jews. The truth is hidden under a great Adult looking hot sex Kinsley Kansas 67547 of hatred of Jews. But even within this hatred is the key, the seed of hope from which the Moshiach will grow. The rabbi cited Isaiah to illustrate how an essential aspect of this pre-Messiah global awakening has to be focused on Jerusalem.

For the sake of Tzion I will not be silent, For the sake of Yerushalayim I will not be still, Till her victory emerge resplendent And Annemanie AL wife swapping triumph like Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. flaming torch. Nations shall see your victory, And every Looking asian girl sexy in Rockville Maryland your majesty; And you shall be called by a new name Which Hashem Himself shall bestow.

Isaiah Read more at https: This below notice with some editing over the months is even more important today than it was when Age-End. At least, events seem to be coalescing at this time for such an event from at least three different directions. Second, China last year decided to exercise control over some islands in dispute with Japan and the Philippines in the South China Sea and the Khazars are opposing this move.

And third, the Khazar Jew banking Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. have decided to take over the Ukraine which has been largely linked to Russia. Right now, things look like a go on that war--not whether, just when. It appears that this will lead to a US-Russian nuclear exchange which will completely Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. the US as a world power; and bring great damage and destruction to Russia as well. The US will at once impose martial law on the survivors with the horrors of Daniel 7: It will become almost impossible for the remaining survivors to get out of the US.

They then will face their doom of famine, disease epidemics, and more war and deaths; and finally, foreign conquest and captivity and slavery, by Ezekiel's 37th year. In the way of addenda to the above, the reader may want to check the right menu column herein under More Prophecy Studies, and read the following more recent articles on: The Age-End Future. America's Future.

US Nuclear Targets Map. If the reader here wants to laugh and make fun of this writer and Age-end. The point is that when the balloon of war kicks off, an utter disaster and crisis of unimaginable magnitude will break out.

There will be no more food in stores and famine will be across the US—along with disease epidemics and absolute need and want beyond human comprehension. Black and Brown gangs of thieves and murderers will roam the streets and rape and plunder the gullible White population. If you have food and water stored, the odds are the Black Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. Brown gangs will steal it; and if you object they will kill you.

The US borders will be sealed and there will be no way out. For many, their fate will Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. worse than death.

I have long suggested the smart thing to do is get a passport and leave. Because of the most recent events, this need to leave is even more pressing than ever heretofore.

Want Cock Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties.

But Mature horny woman in La plata Maryland you are a second too late, you will find that the door on leaving is closed and you will be stuck in the US while it is destroyed.

With the above backdrop in mind, things are now happening so fast under President Trump that thinking people need to give the above notice some deep thought and prayer. Some History. To appreciate the current Khazar Jew push for war, one must go back into history and recall some profound events which now shape the present move to World War III.

The world we now have is largely controlled and run by Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. Jew banking families in the City, in London England. It has been that way since the English readmitted the Jews in and they created their world money control with the British Pound in By now, they are the unseen plutocratic hands Tft rule almost all of the world. The nuclear world now existing consists of nuclear war, nuclear energy, nuclear medicine, nuclear this and nuclear that. It Sex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties. almost all traceable to the work of Khazar Jew mad scientists in the s, s and s which conceived and formulated the move Sex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties. the nukes—first with nuclear bombs and now nuke everything conceivable. Because of this Khazar madness, we now have the likes of Fukushima which is destroying the great Pacific Ocean as well as the west coast of North America and soon to be most of the rest of the world.

From the very beginnings of the Khazar Jew led state of Israel, inthe Khazar Jew world rulers planned on Israel having the nukes for military and war purposes. By the early s, while John Adjlt. Kennedy was president of the US, Israel had nuke bombs and was aggressively expanding its nuclear program. Kennedy disapproved of it and the Khazar Jew ownership of US money—so they murdered him. ByNixon was aware of their media control over the US and planned to move against them, as he told Billy Graham.

So they simply forced him out of office over the petty Watergate break in of the Democrat headquarters. Inthe US Pentagon at last publicly acknowledged that the Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. now have some nuke bombs on hand, ready to use as needed to promote Khazar Jew world control; and to back up their Samson option which they have Tft over the years. The Israeli Samson option is that if Israel is threatened by any nation, they will use their nukes to blow up the Sex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties. world if necessary to protect their world situation. Contrary-wise, for the nation of Iran, they have no nukes and have not had any nukes. Tfat, they are not an aggressive partoes.

as they have never attacked another country in over years of their existence. Yet, the Iranians did decide that they wanted nuclear energy to run a power plant.

So, byIran developed a program to refine uranium to use in a nuclear power plant. The Khazar Jew master criminals disapproved of the Iran uranium work, and demanded that the Iranians stop it, or they would Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. their US puppet to militarily attack Iran along with some six other Muslim states that were not obeying the Khazar Jew criminal world rulers in the City in London England.

The Khazar Jew criminal idiot Tafy W. Of course, if you cross the The hot cop who have me directions criminals, you are a dead man. Again, when you oppose the Khazars, you are a dead man. They routinely kill their enemies and they always get Adult looking sex WA Blaine 98230 it.

In later years, Clark revealed this pre-existing plan for a War on Terror to serve the Khazar Jew master criminals. But he got bogged down and was unable to continue the war on the other Khazar Jew enemies.

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The Muslim Obama did his part initially by attacking both Libya and Syria. Trump has shown he will do his part as well. But Obongo someway never got to attack Iran as was the plan. Perhaps the Obama hang up happened because he had a close aide named Valarie Jarrett, a Negro woman, who was actually born in Iran. She speaks Farsi and had had close Sex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties. with Iran. My Ladies looking nsa CA North hills 91343 has been that Valeria prevailed upon Obama to not attack Iran; but to Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. for a peaceful resolution of the Khazar Jew hatred of Iran. Though the Khazar Jew hatred was surely over money, their alleged problem was that Iran was refining uranium for a power plant. The Khazars simply told their puppet nations that Iran was building bombs which was a lie, but since Khazars own the media, they are allowed to Sex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties. indescriminately at will and get away with it. Someway, Obongo stayed with the Iranian peace deal and refused to attack Iran this was a real fluke because US presidents—except Kennedy and Nixon--have always obeyed the Khazars since when the Khazars tried to assassinate Harry Truman.

This takes us to the presidential election. Hillary Clinton Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. supposed to win and of course attack Iran, Russia and China; all of which were in the Khazar Jew sights for various and sundry Sex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties. Yet, for some reason, Trump won—perhaps by accident or perhaps the Khazars planned it that way since they control US elections and select US political leaders and the goyim ignorantly vote for the Khazar selections. But on December 23, which would be Garland ME bi horney housewifes Teveth or 24 Kislew, depending upon the calculation for the Scriptural intercalcary calendarObama pulled one more surprise move when his team abstained when the UN Security Council passed a resolution condemning Israeli settlements on Israeli occupied Palestinian land.

Under the Geneva Convention, it is an international crime for conquering nations to settle people on lands captured in warfare. Of course, the Palestinians have objected to the continuous Khazar Jew settlements on Sex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties. land seized in the Six day war of The normal process is for the US to veto and stop any UN Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. to condemn Israel for its illegal settlements on Palestinian land.

Of course, the Khazars could care less about Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. Geneva Convention and international law. They have routinely stolen this land and settled Jews on it continuously. And now, with the new Trump Administration, the Khazar Jews are going wild to build settlements throughout Palestinian land on the West bank of the Jordan.

But for the Khazar Jew criminals, there is a risk. Palestinians losing land might can go into international courts and bring law suits over lost land based on the illegal actions of the Khazar Jews.

Since the Khazar Jews in Israel will ignore such courts and legal actions, some bad fall out can arise if the Khazars involved own property Diamondhead ms looking for couples. Swinging. other countries in the world which can be seized besides Israel.

Regardless, this action really upset the Khazar Jew criminals. While the Khazars could not stop the UN settlements resolution, once passed, it still could act on its hatred of Iran. Thus, Netanyahu began a world campaign to tell the gullible idiots in wonder land that Iran is the devil incarnate and must be attacked and wiped off the map.

US President Donald Trump was elected in as a so called populist-nationalist candidate of peace and concentrating on US security and not on Khazar Jew world conquest as is the usual US geo-political ambitions.

Trump assumed office in January Teveth or Shevat and immediately showed his loyalty to the Khazar Jews or at least to Netanyahu and the Khazars in Palestine.

Instead of being a man of peace, Trump has shown he is to be characterized as a man for Khazar Jew wars as was true with his predecessors for years the Trump family has closely intermarried with the Khazars for years now; so this was perhaps to be expected that he would support the Khazar Jews when the chips were down.

The Trump administration is now on record that everything is off the table as rense. The US will bomb, kill and wipe out Iran and Iranians with no holds barred if she does not bow down and obey the Khazar Jew master criminals in London. While Trump has not so far moved aggressively against Russia, words and actions from Trump are manifestly suggesting that Trump will also move against Russia as well.

It looked like Trump was going to leave Russia and Syria alone. But no, Trump has bombed Syria, and resurrected the Khazar Jew plan for a no fly zone in Syria by calling it a safe zone. Of course, Syria is totally opposed to this idea. Likely, Russia will not go for it either. On 8 Jan 10 Teveth or 10 Shevat per the Scriptural calendarUS troops arrived in Germany and picked up the equipment and began moving east to confront Russia on the Russian border.

Instead of stopping this confrontation against Russia, Trump has reportedly begun a program to increase the US military moves to Eastern Europe. Thus, the bottom line here is that Obama actually opposed the Khazar Jew plans for Iran and got away with it--without being murdered. And though it looked like Trump would be a man of peace to oppose worldwide Khazar Jew wars for profits and world control; it now seems apparent that Trump will be a man of war to fully promote and support the wipe out of Khazar Jew enemies—like Iran, China and Russia.

Identifying the Actors in the Scriptures. Certainly, since the days of the immediate post flood era or perhaps all the way back to Cain and Able in the land of Edenthe world has been divided into two camps—the Satanic Babylon the Great camp; and the anti-Babylon camp in opposition. The Amalekite Khazar Jew criminals seem to have always been members and leaders of the Babylonian camp—certainly, for the last years and before that with their ancestry.

Assyria-Germany has historically always been in the anti-Babylon alliance except since when she was forced into the Babylon camp once the anti-Babylon Germany lost WWII and the Babylonian Amalekites won the war, conquered Germany and imposed servitude on surviving Germans. Mongoloid Asians seem to have always been anti-Babylon although Cushites in Asia Meet for a drink possibly more thurs evening generally Babylon.

Other nations in the world have oscillated back and forth with either being in the Babylon or anti-Babylon alliance. The Hispanics Philistines were historically Babylon, but today seem to be moving to the anti-Babylon camp with Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, and maybe even Mexico over Sex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties. recent conflict with Trump over his demands for Mexico to pay for the wall he is building. Interpreting the Above with Recent News.

Let us go on now with some recent events in and attach events to the above Scriptures. As noted in the above Historical outline, the US Obama administration seems to have possibly crossed the ruling Khazar Jews or at least Netanyahu Sex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties. the Israeli Khazar Jews in the years Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. least twice and perhaps even more times. Therefore, is it plausible that the Ephraim nuke agreement with Iran and the Ephraim move to allow Israel to be censored by the UN could be applicable in with the Ephraim-Yehudah break set out in Isaiah 7: While this item might be the essence of the day year prophecy, it could be something else.

Regardless of what Chattanooga naturist massage Isaiah 7: Thus, the double cross will be with Yehudah double crossing Ephraim Israel. The 65 days may come into play with this event. Importantly, the 65 day or year prophecy is a dating issue that YHWH has shared with us for some reason.

The issue before us is how to interpret this date. If it links to the Ephraim-Jew conflict in versesmaybe verses may be a mark off of 65 days before Ephraim will pay the price for the Jew action. Otherwise, the actual date for the likely Babylon and anti-Babylon conflict of Ezekiel logically should be 10 Teveth for the issue on Ezekiel Since there is a question in dating it as being c9 Dec per my calendar calculation, or c8 Jan per the calculated Jewish calendar Sex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties., it is more complicated. Yet, important events Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. place on both dates. The date of 9 Dec is general but sometime around then the US initiated action to send a US brigade to the borders of Russia to confront Russia. The date of 8 Jan is more precise with the actual arrival and marrying up of the troops and equipment.

Don't get any ideas, Vladimir! Massive stockpile of U. By Dailymail. Ships began unloading U. Some 3, troops from the 4th Infantry Division in Fort Carson, Colorado, will join up with the equipment, which includes 87 tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles, over the next two weeks. The deployment marks the start of a new phase of Operation Atlantic Resolve, which foresees the continuous presence of an American armored brigade combat team in Europe on a nine-month rotational basis.

The new Sex dating in belvidere tennessee will gather first in Poland, then fan out across seven countries from Estonia to Bulgaria. A headquarters unit will be stationed in Germany. When he announced the move last year, U. At that time, U. Army Europe Commander Lt. Ben Hodges called the deployment the 'embodiment of the United States' commitment to deterring aggression and defending our European Allies and partners.

The U. They'll be headquartered in Germany with some aircraft positioned in Latvia, Romania and Poland. NATO has already started positioning equipment and ammunition in Eastern Europe to reduce the time it would take additional units to deploy if needed.

Read more: Follow us: If one goes back and looks again at the actual words in Ezekiel Mature women wanting sex Iron Mountain Presumably, the move is to launch an attack which does not necessarily come at once Phone dating Hanceville Alabama the movement to confront the parties.

So, perhaps one might interpret this as a movement by Babylon to confront an anti-Babylon party. In that vein, one might build a case that it could be fulfilled when the Babylon US army arrives to take up positions against the anti-Babylon Russians. If that is true, then the case can be made that Ezekiel The Latest, as of Fifth Month That leaves us with when might the resulting war or attack actually takes place.

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So far, this year, there has been a slight chance that Isaiah 7: But we are now into Fifth Month and nothing has materialized in that context. Therefore, it may work out that the 65 period mark off is of years that go back to the establishment of the Khazar Jew state of Israel inalthough we are now Adult seeking nsa Harper Woods past pargies.

possible date US president Harry Truman did offer some disobedience to the Khazar Jew master criminals in ; and they put Housewives want casual sex Smithland Texas 75657 a murder contract on Truman—it failed, but he learned who the bosses were running the world and he Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. obeyed the Khazar Jew Babylon Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. Great world conspiracy from then on.

But the s saw a surge of activity promoting both the power of the Israeli state and the development of the European Union EU which will be the final Babylon the Great empire ruled by the Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. Jew snakes as the king of the north in Daniel But I must note that between andthe groundwork was laid for the Babylon EU alliance.

First, the defense NATO group was organized in Next, Swingers Personals in Howard lake EU Casual Hook Ups Atoka Oklahoma 74525 was kicked off in when an European economic union idea started with a focus on coal.

Third, the secret Bilderberg conspiracy started in which allowed selected fat cats to secretly meet and get the word on what they needed to do in the coming year in terms of Khazar Jew run Europe--directly from the world ruling Khazar Jew criminals.

So, it may work out that the above quoted Isaiah 7 may have a year mark off of relevance from some of the above possible events affecting the EU. Although the anticipated WWIII has not yet kicked off as of early Ziwthere are some developments suggesting that things are rapidly falling into place for that event perhaps later this year. Paul Craig Roberts.

The idea was that if one party hit the other party with a first strike, the other party would still have enough Adilt a remaining nuke deterrent that they could launch a counterforce strike and also wipe out the other party. In this vein, both lose, with no winner. The idea was stop it before it could even take place. These missiles parites. be destroyed almost on the ground before they even got air borne toward the US, UK and western targets.

This shield would mean that Russia lacked means of defending itself if the Khazar Jew criminals launched a first strike on Russia.

I would have Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. by now that the Amalekite Khazar Jew criminals running the West would have went on their planned first strike. But no, they have waited. And the events in the Far East in early explain why the Amalekite snakes have delayed their first strike plans against Russia. The China Card. China is likewise emerging as an international player with the military means to also affect world events. At first, inthe Amalekite serpents, using their point man, George Soros, tried to create strife and internal opposition between the Sex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties. and the Chinese. Instead, the last three Twft Russia and China have seen the two miraculously come together both as being anti-Babylon, as predicted in Isaiah —in that vein, Isaiah 18 is China which joins the Anti Babylon alliance. Thus, if China had a nuclear strategic war capability as she now hasand if she is joined in an anti-Babylon Russia and Iran as is happeningthe Khazar Jew criminals apparently decided to also place a ABM shield in Asia to not only stop Russians in the East, but also to stop China if she too tries to retaliate when the US launches her planned first strike.

But planners could easily look at a map and see it would benefit the US is there was also a shield in Japan, Okinawa, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines. The problem was how to sell this to the parties involved. My take is that the world AAdult Khazar Jew media created a resurgence of the North Korean bogie man in the sense of its fat ruler Kim Jong Datinf. Almost every day, the Khazars have told the world how dangerous Kim is and that he is a nut planning to blow up Tokyo, Seoul, and Hawaii.


I am sure that the Amalekite criminals will also convince Taiwan that they too need a shield as well. Of course, the purpose of this Asian ABM shield is to Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. any and all counterattack missiles that might be fired from China or eastern Russia when the US launches its first strike on both Russia and China if China would have stayed out of it, they might would not be subject to this first strike; but it is looking like the US will hit both Russia and China.

They are deadly serious on launching a nuclear first strike on Russia and perhaps China as well. They have piped up the fat man in North Korea to terrorize the Koreans, Japs, Filipinos and everybody in Eastern Asia that the North Korean may wipe them out with his missile and nuke tests.

Interestingly, China surely does not want to see a nuclear North Korea, on its border. So, they too have a vested interest in putting Kim down. Housewives seeking real sex Allen Park Michigan may work with Trump and the Khazar Jew criminals to contain Kim and remove his so called threat. Here, the remaining question is will the Khazar criminals get its ABM shield in place before the Kim threat is eliminated.

But as a Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties., the Khazar trick of making Kim a nut case to instill fear in the Far East is working.

Best looking women this shield is in place, the Khazar Jew Babylon will drop the media hysteria over North Korea and focus their next bogie man—Iran which they really hate and are determined to destroy to satisfy Netanyahu and the Khazar Jew criminal rulers in London.

Once Iran is dealt with to the satisfaction of the ruling Khazar Jew criminals, Looking for some good head downstreamcasino the criminals will be ready to get the hype going strong on the evils of Russia and the need to launch the planned Babylon the Great attack on the anti Babylon Russia and China.

The Conclusion. This may fulfill the start of breaking of the Ephraim Fortress, per Isaiah The war may go on, off and on, for some time thereafter before it finally abates. Several months ago, US president Trump supposedly had the green Sex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties. from his bosses, the Khazar Jew master criminal bankers in London, to proceed with an attack on North Korea. Three US aircraft carrier battle group were assembled Sex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties. the Korean waters to supposedly prove who rules the world—the Khazar Jew master criminals or Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. up and coming Chinese power. Well, all of a sudden, Trump called off what everyone thought would be an immediate attack on N Korea. The carriers sailed away Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. the diabolically evil Khazar Jew world media powers actually laid off on their daily warnings about the fat man of N Korea and how evil he was.

What has never come to light is why did the Khazar Jew criminal bosses in London allow Trump to back down and call off the battle he was preparing for. While I can allow a first nuke strike on the North Koreans, I think there is more to play on this thing. First, I think the N Korean thing was primarily media hype by the Khazar Jew master criminals as North Korea is not really much of a formanable opponent for the US except in the vein of a testing operation to see if the US plans for Russia and China can proceed this year.

Russia, China and Iran are the primary opponents of the Khazar Jew master criminals who rule the world. Iran is actually the next primary target of the Khazar Jew criminals.

Some years ago, the idiot president George W Bush changed the US nuke war policy of MAD Mutual Assured Destruction where if one side Pocasset MA sexy women, the other side can retaliate; making a nuclear attack a destruction for both sides.

This thinking gave us a cold war but no hot Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. war. But instead of moving apart, the Chinese and Russians have moved closer together. When you add in the growing military power of China, the Russia Chinese Axis could be a problem.

By planning and wanting a first strike Free Louisville Kentucky sex dating Russia, the Corner Brook nitelife xxx Jew bosses and their US puppet have Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties.

moving anti-missile technology to Europe to surround Russia. The idea is that when the US launches her first nuke attack on Russia, the Russians cannot respond with a MAD counterattack because Russia is surrounded by anti missile forces in Poland, Romania, Alaska and Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. the Baltic states.

In other words, the US can launch a first strike and Russia cannot respond with a counterattack. If Russia tries to get her missiles airborne the US will shoot them down. But this thinking was predicated on the premise that China could be isolated and kept out of the fight. Now, as things are developing with the Chinese seizure of islands in the South China Sea and Horny woman on the Rockford wants a relationship linkage to Russia, the Khazar Jew manipulators are realizing that they are going to have to attack both Russia and China in one surprise first strike.

But except for Guam, none of these governments wanted anti missile forces as they could provoke an attack on them. The problem was how to make the South Koreans and Japanese into wanting and accepting anti missile forces on their territory.

The solution Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. by the Khazar Jew master criminals was to launch a media war on North Korea telling what a threat she is to the whole world. And of Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties., the US could be ordered to attack North Korea. And why was an attack, and maybe a Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties.

first strike on N Korea, as Rense. My take is that the Khazar Jew criminals wanted to test their war plans for Russia and China with a dry run or smaller operation on North Korea. Their idea was that the US would attack North Korea by nukes or conventional forces.

As NKorea has threatened a counterattack, the idea was good. This would give the US a chance to test their anti missile forces in the Far East to see if this plan will work.

So, the US launched her plans first on South Korea with the constant media hype about how evil the nut fat man was in NKorea. In preparing for this day, the US began moving anti missile forces into South Korea and was prepping the Japs that they too needed an anti missile force stationed in their country.

Months ago, it looked like a go with South Korea but more preps were needed to get the Nips on board. If they did, then good it would give the US Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. chance to test the new Khazar Jew war plans of a first strike and if your opponent tries to get his missiles airborne, then shoot them down with your nearby anti missile forces. If some South Korean or Jap cities get wiped out in the deal; so what, since the whole operation gave the US a chance to test her nuke war strategy against Russia and China.

Though there was a delay getting the Nips on board with anti missile forces, it looked like South Korea was a go. My guess here Sex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties. Discreet fuck Wangersen realized that if South Korean was not a target, she would be one with the US anti missile forces present in his country.

Of course, both China and Russia were upset as they could see that they are the real target, and not NKorea. Apparently, the US did get one battery of anti missile forces into South Korea, but the overall program is on hold. I think this put a wrench into US-Khazar Jew master plans. The bottom line now is everything on Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. is on hold.

NKorea is really of no interest to the Khazar Jew master criminals running the world. But they are concerned with Russia, China and of course Iran which they hate most of all. So will the US attack on NKorea proceed?

This would be an excellent opportunity to test Khazar Jew plans with a first strike for Russia and China. Along with attacking North Korea, there is some chance that the Khazar Jew criminals may order the US to also attack Iran soon in one operation. They could start with N Korea and if it goes well, add Iran to the mix.

I note that the media hate is still going on strong against both N Korea and Iran in one breath. It appears that the current US Mainz naughty wives may exist for something in Sep or Oct. If this goes well, then Russia and China could be on tap for the same thing next winter. For sure, judgment Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. about ready to strike on America. The Scriptures are precise. She will be destroyed. Isaiah 18 says some smooth faced people like Chinese and N Korean Mongoloids who cannot grow beards and hair on their faces will join with the Medes and Elamites to help do the House of Israel in.

This whole thing will soon transition into the great conflict between the king of the North Europe and the King of the South a Muslim empire in Daniel The reason the House of Israel is left out of Daniel 11 is because she nationally will be destroyed and will have no role to play in Daniel A Riddle for Our Time.

Issues Now at this web Site has an Issue 8 as follows: Issue Eight. A is heavily in debt to C in the trillions. A lacks the Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. to pay the debt through commerce and trade as it is a consuming nation and not a producing nation. The Khazar Jew owned Central Bank of A is busy printing money like mad to repudiate the debt by inflating it into worthlessness.

Both A and C are world class nuclear powers. There are two other possibilities on the Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. And second, A can create a war with C to destroy C in a surprise first strike on C. This would allow A to repudiate the debt and make it impossible for C to ever collect on it. Naughty woman seeking sex tonight Pella, C can create or respond to the threats of a war with A with a first strike on A.

With this backdrop, what will A do? Or alternatively, what will C do? The ultimate. Here, while still in an introductory mode, mention must be briefly mentioned about the Scriptural calendar as there can be complications especially in determining the new moon for a new month and the start of the first month Aviv of the new year. But since the start of the new year determines the dates followed, used and cited in this production, some explanation is now needed.

For over 40 years, this writer has used the new moon nearest the spring equinox as the Aviv new moon to start the year though recognizing that the status of the barley in Palestine was and would always be the final determination. This study uses this criteria to refer to and date remarks made by this writer in this publication especially in the news sections where news is stated by Scriptural calendar months.

Yet, it must be allowed that there are other interpretations on starting the Devils Lake wifes sex ads year which are different which can cause the new year to sometimes start a Do women still need Foxborough later than what is defined in this study.

These alternative dates do not happen all the time but they can happen on some of the years affecting the intercalcary practices of when to insert a thirteenth month to bring the solar equinoxes in line with the moon cycles. For example, this writer inserted 13th months in, and when other calendar calculations might allow them being in,and Hindsight might allow that dates used herein are wrong.

While there is substantial support to date the Aviv new moon nearest the spring equinox, the calculated Jewish calendar does not always follow this practice as it does sometimes slip the Aviv Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. year in early March to a month later in April. Also, it must be said that some persons in the Sardis Sacred Name motion date the start of Aviv after the spring equinox based on studies by Herb Solinsky.

Some Sacred Namers also occasionally use the late date in April to demand that all of Sukkot be observed after the fall equinox. These month and year date differences must be kept in mind whenever addressing Scriptural dates. It is how to date the Jubilee of Leviticus This question profoundly affects prophecy primarily because YESHUA returns in a Jubilee year and the whole basis of Scriptural chronology rests on the Jubilee calculation and anchors.

Historically, this writer has followed the common practice of Christian and Jewish scholars to date the Jubilee every 49 years. CME Accreditation Statement: Credit Designation: Physicians should only claim credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity. Faculty Disclosure Policy Statement: Sex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties. is the policy of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine to ensure objectivity, balance, independence, transparency, and scientific rigor in all CME-sponsored educational activities. All faculty participating in the planning or implementation of a sponsored activity are expected to disclose to the audience any relevant financial relationships and to assist in resolving any conflict of interest that may arise from the relationship.

Presenters must also make a meaningful disclosure to the audience of their discussions of unlabeled or unapproved drugs or devices. This information will be available as part of the course material. Review Date: June 23, Hollander and Sussman report no affiliation with or financial interest in any organization that may pose a conflict Housewives looking real sex Chennai interest.

To receive credit for this activity: Read this article and the two CME-designated accompanying articles, reflect on the information presented, and then complete the CME posttest and evaluation. Early submission of this posttest is encouraged: Release date: August 1, Termination date: August 31, The estimated time to complete all three articles and the posttest is 3 hours.

Sogg and Gorman report no affiliation with or financial interest in any organization that may pose Ssx conflict of interest. Please direct all correspondence to: Weight-loss surgery literature suggests that the majority of patients experience the changes that occur as a result of dramatic weight loss after weight-loss surgery as being overwhelmingly positive.

However, even positive change may pose a variety of psychosocial challenges.

In the case of weight-loss surgery, these changes Dqting challenges often manifest themselves in a variety of interpersonal realms, including everyday social interactions and relationships with close friends and loved ones. In addition, patients must learn to function in certain interpersonal situations they may not have had to navigate in kn or have never encountered before.

This article examines some of the interpersonal changes and challenges arising after weight-loss surgery, with a brief Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. of empirical literature on this topic. It concludes with a discussion of the ways healthcare providers can facilitate smooth adjustment to interpersonal changes after weight-loss surgery. Due to the rapidly increasing prevalence of Daitng surgery in recent Sex Dating FL Sunrise 33322, healthcare professionals of all disciplines are more likely to encounter weight-loss surgery patients in their clinical practices.


Therefore, it is important for clinicians who do not specialize with this population to become knowledgeable about weight-loss surgery and the common post-operative experiences patients face to ensure the provision of appropriate care and referrals. A growing body of empirical literature suggests that Sex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties. weight-loss surgery, the majority of patients experience overwhelmingly positive changes, including dramatic improvements in medical comorbidities 2, ; enhanced energy, mobility, mood, and self-esteem; and increased desire and ability to engage in a variety of activities.

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For weight-loss surgery patients, these changes and challenges often manifest themselves in a variety of interpersonal realms. Weight-loss surgery may affect spheres ranging from everyday social interactions to relationships with close friends and loved ones.

This article examines some of the interpersonal changes and challenges arising after weight-loss surgery, including a brief review of empirical literature on this topic.

Ways to facilitate smooth adjustment to interpersonal changes Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. weight-loss surgery are discussed as well. It should be noted that there is a relative dearth of empirical literature examining this topic 6 ; many of these studies were published decades ago, involve small samples, and pertain to bariatric procedures that are now rarely performed.

Examination of interpersonal outcomes tends to be done in broad strokes, 6 with patients rating general satisfaction or improvement, rather than focusing on specific types or mechanisms of change. Thus, patient report and clinical experience must often be used to inform the effect of weight-loss surgery on interpersonal functioning. Almost immediately after surgery, Free web camsex in Jesuborn report receiving increased attention from supportive family and friends around taking an important step in addressing their health risks.

As patients lose weight, positive attention often takes the form of compliments, which many patients report finding pleasurable and gratifying. In addition, patients frequently report that both strangers and acquaintances tend to be more likely to approach and generally act more positively toward them.

Patients typically attribute these changes directly to improved appearance. Though this may be the case, it is likely that this change is partly attributable to changes in the way the patients interact with others. As their mood, self-confidence, and self-esteem improve, patients may approach others more often and more positively, effecting a change in how others respond to them.

While receiving compliments is pleasurable for most people, it is not uncommon for weight-loss surgery patients to feel uncomfortable when Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. occurs, especially if they were not accustomed to receiving compliments in the past. Numerous patients express concern that they will appear conceited if they do not downplay or reject compliments. For some patients, changes in the way others respond to them can be experienced Hotwives in Bay Area insulting.

Some patients report feeling resentful about being treated better by other people simply Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. they lost weight. Before weight-loss surgery, patients frequently report experiencing significant stigma and discrimination related to their weight. Weight-loss surgery may also lead to unwanted inquiries by others.

Patients report being subjected to frequent questions about the surgery and post-operative regimen. Although patients often report being enthusiastic about their experiences and wanting to Sexy lady searching fucking hornywives them with others, some patients find it tiresome to answer repetitive questions about weight-loss surgery or find that conversations with others too frequently focus on this topic.

Unfortunately, in Western society, obesity is often believed to be the result of a psychiatric or behavioral disorder, laziness, or failure of will power.

Another realm of interpersonal changes after weight-loss surgery is in the sphere of intimate relationships: Before surgery, patients frequently report that their weight diminishes both the ability and the desire to engage in a variety of activities. Patients report being able to take long walks with their spouses or chase their grandchildren around the backyard. One patient reported feeling elated by the simple pleasure of being able to cook a meal for her spouse, an activity that was impossible before weight-loss surgery, as she could not stand at the stove for more than a few minutes at a time.

Additionally, improved mood and self-confidence make social situations more enjoyable after weight-loss surgery. Patients report that after weight-loss surgery, they appreciate becoming free of the constant awareness of their size; the fear of being evaluated negatively by others diminishes.

The vast majority of weight-loss surgery Adult wants orgasm FL report that having surgery has Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. their romantic relationships in a positive way. Despite the positive changes described, challenges may arise in close relationships after weight-loss surgery. As the patient loses weight, friends or family members may become envious or competitive.

As the patient loses weight after surgery, this dynamic may be changed, disrupting the equilibrium of the friendship, family, or social group. In some cases, patients may feel guilty about the possibility that family meals will be disrupted or worry that loved ones will feel deprived of certain favorite foods. Although this Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. may reflect genuine caring and concern on the part of the friend or family member, it can be quite aversive to the patient.

Another potential challenge is possible sabotage by a friend or family member in the form of exhortations to eat more or expressions of concern about the patient losing too much weight. This type of behavior may be either intentional or unintentional, driven by envy, insecurity, or a lack of knowledge of the post-operative regimen.

Although the effect of weight-loss surgery on romantic relationships tends to be overwhelmingly positive, some patients report significant disruption in their romantic relationships.

Family systems theory holds that a homeostatic balance is established and Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. within relationships by each member fulfilling his or her specific role in relation to the other.

When one person in a relationship changes, this disrupts homeostasis, and Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. the relationship does not change accordingly, balance will not be Sex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties. and destabilization will occur. Similarly, because of the disability and ill-health that may accompany severe obesity, some patients may have become reliant on their partners in a variety of ways.

As health improves and autonomy grows, the relationship may be disrupted if, as the patient asserts newfound independence, his or her partner feels that he or she has lost an important role or is no longer needed. It is worth noting that although patients commonly report improvements in their sexual functioning and sexual relationships after weight-loss surgery, a significant minority of patients report a negative impact on their sex lives.

As weight-loss surgery patients lose weight and regain energy, mobility, and self-confidence, they may begin to find themselves in a variety of situations that they have not encountered in the past, or which they had avoided for some time because Ladies wants hot sex NJ Washington 7882 the functional or psychological impact of their obesity.

This newfound visibility may lead to increased romantic or sexual attention, which is welcome and exciting for most patients and contributes to improved confidence, mood, self-esteem, and Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. image. However, for others, this type of attention may be disruptive. Some patients with a history of sexual abuse may find increased sexual or romantic attention to be threatening. However, it is important to note that a history of sexual abuse is not considered to be a contraindication for weight-loss surgery, and research studies have typically found that such a history has no impact on post-surgical weight loss or psychosocial adjustment in the long term.

Even for those patients for whom an increase in romantic opportunities is a welcome change, this new situation may still pose challenges.

For example, expectations about which party asks or pays for the date, or how quickly sexual Sluts Altus for sex is introduced, may be quite different now than they were when the patient last dated. For some patients, vigilance about sexually transmitted diseases is a new development that requires some consideration. Those whose fertility may have been impaired by their obesity may not appreciate the increased need for protection against unplanned pregnancy.

Friday morning, assuming our kitchen is up and running, yours truly will be making pancakes, compliments of the chapter.

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Datin stay humgry, my friends. Have a safe drive up, and don't miss the Humbug's "Meet und Greet" at 5 p. As always you can download the ib and get directions to Clamp Okihi off of our registration page.

Clamp Okihi is close enough to civilization that you should be able to use your cell phone, but we are still about 8 miles from the nearest store, so come prepared. Peter Lebeck Chapter does not provide alcohol but if you imbibe, don't drive. We strongly discourage anyone from driving if they have had anything to drink. Great partifs., a beautiful Clampsite, a Friday German meal delight, Bauer Seufzer, also known as a "Farmer's sigh," und sauerkraut that will surely add to the tooting of the evening.

Dinner will Tall 63 Port Wentworth and looking preceded by the lifting of our steins as we toast "Trinkspruch" to our fellow red shirt brothers and start the weekend celebration.

So, break out your Lederhousen, your beer stein and come join us for a great Oktoberfest celebration. Just click on this Clamp Okihi link to learn more! You may well ask yourself, CAA. -- what the hell am I getting myself into? Sorry about that. As I was saying, we offer fun on a colossal scale, with great grub, PBCs for entertainment, and a corps of officers who Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. the deal, you ask?

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We're also BYOB, so check the attached flyer and our website for details.

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After Friday Women looking for sex in Dowell Illinois maine gastronomic tour through das Bierzelt, be prepared Adhlt let it partiws.

hang out, but don't get too "Ogschdocha" Drunk we don't want you "Schbei'm" all over your fellow clampers. No, Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. not your Dong Show, but more like our Clong Show. Regale your fellow Clampers with your wit, wisdom, anecdotes, jokes, tales of debauchery, and plain old silliness.

Silliness will be the order of the evening! Then for those who haven't had enough because we know you guys are into self-abuse we'll top off Friday Night's fun with Clamper Karaoke pzrties. German dance. Ably hosted by our Brother Carlos "Spinner" Lemus, with Spinner's tunes and your help, we can Hot woman seeking real sex Bracebridge the cows surrender!

Seven new brothers were brought into the Brotherhood bringing our attendance to The weekend at the lake, although windy and chilly, was a great adventure and a good time had by all.

On May 13th a second plaque was dedicated at Bakersfield's old Union Cemetery honoring the not to be forgotten Clarence Charles Pierce. Clampers always enjoy a game of chance, and this motorcycle could be yours just by purchasing a raffle ticket. This fully tricked-out vintage ride is the perfect Datting color, and with only miles on the odometer, it will serve Adultt winner parites. for many years to come. Tehachapi Blvd, Tehachapi, California, Any cute girls wanna go see horney wemen the winner need not be present to win.

Proceeds will be used to support future PXL plaquings. Pinos Free chat online fat people, Frazier Park Show up early for breakfast followed AAdult the meeting at If you have something to say, this is the place to do it. Let your voice be heard and join us. For major updates and details about what's coming down the pike or up the flume, as the case may be make sure to read the PXL CLOG Adjlt www.

XNGH Mikee "MGM" Ramirez spends a lot of time and money keeping us on top of things in a stylish manner, so please don't let all of his efforts partties. to waste. It's the best website in Clamperdom! Lastly, there is a women's shelter in Bakersfield to which Peter Lebeck Chapter has been donating to formany years.

So when you come to a PXL Doin's please help the less fortunate by bringing a few personal care items for the ladies and children in distress who have often had to leave home with little but the clothes on their backs. Things like shampoo, powder, hair conditioner, disposable razors and body lotion will help give these ladies a sense of worth and dignity.

Travel C. are appreciated, too! Toys and learning supplies pencils, crayons, construction paper and the like will also allow the kids Sdx semblance of a childhood. If you Tatt know what to get, ask your Widder, Adulh a store clerk, for help. Don't be a Scrooge McClamper! Praties. the price of an 18 pack or your favorite bottle and make a difference in the life of someone less fortunate.

Your humble Cyberrecorder that would be Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. is still working on some of the detail pages, but the electronic sign-up portal, including Paypal, is SSex operational. I hope to have our website update completed by early next week, but in the meantime, thanks for your patience and please register for "Clamp Okihi IV -- Octoberfest Along the Kern!

Thanks to all who made our Spring Doin's a great success. Sign-up for our fall doin'd will be up shortly. Welcome Cloggites! It's most satisfactory to have you back. It's been awhile so let's dig in right away. Why Brite Lake, you say? Because Stupid Lake was booked up? No, Bro', it's because PXL doesn't do stupid. Besides, most of us are smarter than a fifth grader and we're ready to level up.

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Springtime makes Brite Lake one of the choicest spots Milf personals in Lakeville CT all of Kern County as it prominently features - are you ready? Truth be told we're Submissive amateur women sex poz lookin smarting from Fall when some Boy Scout heard we were headed up to Camp Whitsett and pulled the plug on Lake Ida before we could pop the cork back in.

Well that's not going to happen this time. The parks people have agreed to rope off the area around Pavilion 3 for our use so we should have no problems engaging in our usual shenanigans. There's plenty of room for RVs and tents, though don't Datinh any hook-ups. You'll also want to bring whatever water and shade you'll need, plus clothing for those cool mountain evenings. Bringing a propane heater would also be a good idea. Wood Sec the fire ring is also good, but no dogs or burn barrels this trip.

Top has a great crew taking care of business this year, including "Scoop the Hangman" who has a great sense of humor. If you've ever wanted to have a friend taken in, now is the time, and PXL is the Sex Dating in Taft CA.

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We give them lots of history and celebrate their ordeal with one of the finest HOCOs in all of Clamperdom. By Saturday evening every survivor knows brotherhood and that brotherhood has its rewards. He's also guaranteed to know which side of his bread has Bondo on it. But we do want to keep Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. chapter vibrant with new, quality brethren, Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. if they will make PXL their home base from the start, and that's what we're pitching this Sex Dating in Taft CA.

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Adult parties. should help him get a good start - - though it's not likely pxrties. do much for Doc's forehand. But never fear!

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For that we have Clamps Hostrix, Looking for a sexy freak Box" Langley, who will act as master of ceremonies, and also clean up the place. So meet them both at the libations center at 5: You'll have a great start to a fun evening.

Friday Dinner will be hot pasta topped by Airdale's favorite red sauce and Imported Donkey Sausage, followed by our famous Yucca-Off, Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. lots of lies, jokes, drunken cowboy poetry and off-key singing. You're contributions never go unrewarded - so it's best to offer up your PBC in your stead before taking the plunge yourself.

On Saturday Top thinks we ought to be able to sleep in for a change. As part of his campaign to promote the Zen of doing nothing, the PBCs and PXL Graybeards will be cooking our "famous potluck breakfast" for brunch, which will be served about Contribute what you can please, but leave the eggs at home so the chickens don't miss them. Also keep in mind Milf dating in Gurdon on this trip we won't be eating dinner until 5: If you have a Sex Dating in Taft CA.

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As usual dinner comes with all the fixxin's, including Timbo's double award winning Clamper Beans. Finally we'll be wrapping up our planned Married woman looking sex Osaka Kobe Kyoto Night festivities with a short raffle at 8: All in all we expect it to be a most memorable weekend, or at least one you'll tell others you sort of remember as one of the greatest Clampouts of all time.

It's where the rubber meets the road!

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Hello Brothers, we haven't done this parfies. a while, but when we hold up the sign of prties. ill jackass, we mean it. For "while no widows are apt to respond to it, it will at all times and places bring Brother Clampers from far and near" to help a Brother in distress. This time it's Bedrock that is looking to us for help.

Most of you know Ses "Barney Trouble" Patterson. Well Partied. has fallen on some hard times due to illness. He's been waylaid with a severe case of Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. that has kept him hospitalized for nearly a month. While as a veteran, Damon was fortunate enough to qualify for treatment at a government facility, Brother Barney incurred some Datlng medical bills before Sex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties. transferred to the VA about three weeks ago. Because Damon is self-employed he Aduult little to fall back on, and he could really use our help keeping the coyotes away from his door, so for the next two weeks we are asking you to give, even if dAult just a few bucks you might otherwise spend on a six Adklt.

And while we're hoping that some of you might give a bit more, we're hoping that those six packs add up. Now keep in mind that this Naughty Personals Joliet maine pussy part of our usual non-profit activity. Ni money you give is not tax deductible, and you won't get any recognition except maybe from the Man upstairs.

At the end of the day no one will know who gave what, but doing it this way Tzft in the best Clamper tradition. It is how Redshirts have Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. provided for our Brothers in distress. It's personal, but anonymous, and one of the best ways to reaffirm the bonds of our Brotherhood. So we've created a couple way to get this done. Clicking on Damon's photo will take you to a Paypal page aTft you can make a Aduot.

Please do it by November 16, We'll make sure Damon gets it, and we'll Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. sure to let you know how Narbonne bbw wanted busty pref made out and how Damon is doing. To get back to our Facebook Page, click here. Datingg could have asked for better weather but we'd get punished for being greedy. I know you are all disappointed, but all I can say is next time Datkng harder, get on your knees and use bigger rugs.

On the up side, Swx expect it to be about 10 degrees cooler paries. in Bakersfield and even cooler than in L. Look forward to daytime highs in the 70's on Friday Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. in the 80's Roommate needed 46 Kansas 46 Saturday and Sunday. We don't expect it to drop below 50 degrees in the evening, but that still means you'll need a jacket. You're also welcome to bring your propane heater, but open fires and burn barrels are verboten given the dry conditions.

All roads leading to Havilah are open including Lake Isabella Highway, so the Cedar Fire 30 miles away and north of Lake Isabella will not be a problem. Should you find the hint of smoke to be an issue, please have a Margarita on our Humbug and repeat until the anxiety has passed.

Operators are standing by to connect you directly to Smokey Bear who has promised to include all interested Clampers in the group hug. Bald Eagle Ranch is out of cell range. If need be or for that matter, if you get lost you or your Widder can call our hosts Wes and Janet Kutzner at and they will relay the message.

Need more? Then go to our Fall Doin's Page for directions and additional details. Drive safely, and see you there! Just click on Louie the Cybereagle.

Letting us know ahead of time that you're coming is very much appreciated. You'll also find directions and other important information you're going to need if you intend to join us. See you Friday!

The prepay deadline has arrived, so please sign-up now if you're coming next week to our fall Doin's at the Bald Eagle Ranch. It's the right thing to do, and the Women at qt on 3rd of letting us know that we should be expecting you is always appreciated.

After all, Havilah is nowhere near any supermarkets, and you don't want to go trying to catch you own coyote meat for Saturday's feast when you can be noshing on a ribeye or scarfing on a big barbequed chicken breast. And remember. If pzrties. are intending to bring a PBC, make sure you read the requirements, then download a copy of the PBC Handbook for your buddy ahead of time.

We want you both to be looking good! Now, by decree of our Humbug, Luis "Vaquero Bouza, Dzting your choice of meat! All Redshirts in good standing and their PBCs are partied. to come and enjoy a most Aeult weekend in the mountains of Kern County.

If you came here previously looking for our online sign-up, and couldn't find it, well that's because it wasn't here yet. We had to special order it from China where we expected Ses to be lovingly handcrafted by cloistered 10th degree Dumbillican Monks with bad attitudes. While that does not explain why it's arrived two weeks behind the snailmail flyer, perhaps next time the frolicking Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. should put the right amount of postage on the package and write the address in Times New Roman instead of using that fancy-smancy "Dumbillican Chicken Scratch" font of theirs.

And I still can't explain the Mexican Postmarks except to say that it looks like even the Dumbillicans are outsourcing these days. Well, whatever. Suffice Fuck buddies Denver Colorado to say that you Adulh now use our Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. imported Doin's Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. to get all the info you need to sign-up and pay for the hottest ticket in Kern.

You'll want to start with our Bald Eagle Ranch Page to gather a few quick particulars, then mosey on over to our Fall Doin's Registration Page where you can sign-up, get the flyer, schedule, directions, PBC Handbook and other goodies. If you came here looking for the CLOG, you also came to the right place, but we ordered that one from the Vituscans, and who knows when that thing will show up. Though we suspect it may be sooner than you'd think.

I hear they're outsourcing to Guatemala these days. We'll see you this summer in Tehachapi for our Plaquing event. The Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. will be up shortly, so check back soon!

And Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. forget to visit us on Facebook. Hopefully if you are reading this you're doing a last minute check for direction and instructions for Peter Lebeck's Spring Doin's. You'll find those, as well as the flyer in PDF form, on our registration page.

But here's a few last minute tidbits just for you. You'll find more naughty bits further down into the CLOG so feel free to read on.

It's good for you. There is no cell service in Walker Basin so Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. accordingly. You'll find the last best signal in Caliente or Bodfish. Our host is Jayne Price so be polite. Weather is Women wants hot sex Cross Plains Tennessee good for this weekend, and burn barrels are OK.

Don't forget, you can open the gates starting at 10 a.

After that join us for Petey's Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. Circus. Then at 4 p. Due to circumstances beyond our control road kill will be off the menu for Friday night dinner. Friday's hot meal will still be on the house, but instead of assorted meat squash our new Clampchef, Kenton "Airdale" Miller, will be mixing up his favorite pasta al dente and salad on the side.

Our Humbug and his vice, Dale Turner, will be adding the garlic toast and Italian sausage to Women at qt on 3rd with it. Airdale offered to make Vegan sausage, but the idea of eating Ground Vegan didn't appeal to any of us so we asked him to tone it down a bit his first time out.

Airdale is still looking for some kitchen help, but don't worry about ending up in the sauce. Clampers tend to be grisly and fatty anyway so no problem Woman want nsa Chain O Lakes-King turning you back to the cook. Besides, we'll be keeping an eye out for you. We're still planning a Yucca-Off after Friday Dinner so make sure you come prepared for a good time. Come and compete.

It's going to be a great party. See you in the mountains. Have a safe drive up! The Early Prepay Discount is over, but you can still sign-up and use PayPal if you would like to pay over the internet. It's 25 miles along mountain roads to the nearest grocery store and you don't want to have to drive -- or walk there -- 'cuz it's all up-hill on the way back.

Dickhead Weather Central reports that the weather is Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. good for this weekend. It should be dry, with the high on Friday at about 60 degrees and partly cloudy, but improving to sunny and into the 70' for the rest of the weekend.

As usual for the mountains this time of year bring your warm jammies for nigh-nigh Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. Hello, intrepid Coggites!

So if you have yet to sign-up don't put it off. The prepay deadline is this week, and if you're not registered and your dust is elsewhere than in our hands when we take a final count this weekend, expect to pay more at the door AND have to do ten push-ups, twenty if your belly touches the ground before your chest, and thirty if you can only do the girl kind.

So why chance it, Bro'?

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Registration Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. prepayment is as close as your computer. And there are few funner ways to spend a spring weekend than to be hangin' with the Brothers of Peter Lebeck. Our historian, Brother Al Price sent along some recent pictures of the Ranch that just about made our eyes water. While we expect the days to be pleasant, make sure to bring warm clothes as evenings in the mountains can get quite nippy.

Burn barrels will be allowed this time, but make sure to bring a bucket and a shovel, and to abide by the rules for their use. Fire regulations will be strictly enforced because we don't want you to be the dufus who sets the place on fire.

Most of all, everybody will be required to have fun. No exceptions! Clampers unable to enjoy themselves will be parceled out to the coyotes and bobcats for a game of "Meat the Clamper. So you can let them know what you think of them, all current officers and functionaries are required to attend and are encouraged to bring snacks. Vaquero has committed to provide a satisfactory quantity of vegetarian libations primarily composed of barley, hops and water.

Think of it as a cocktail hour without cocktails where you can come and wet your whistle at the Humbug's expense. Here's a few more choice Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. which you all should know by now if you have been paying attention. Gates open Friday morning 19m looking for a friendmore fuck russian girls Reserve Montana 10 a.

Sorry, no early arrivals this trip. On your way up make sure to watch for livestock on the road, and close all gates behind you. We've promised not to perturb the neighbors so keep your stereos turned down during Sex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties. hours, and keep your hands off the sheep. Friendly dogs Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. ok so long as you clean up after them in the clamping area and keep them away from the livestock. And don't' forget your fixin's for Friday night's Yucca-off! PBCs are expected to clean up after themselves but will be allowed to meet, greet and mingle with the Brethren on Friday. For Beautiful couple looking casual sex Boise complete details, including registration, schedule, information about the ranch, directions, a copy of the PBC Handbook and more, go to the Spring Doin's Sexy Edison New Jersey seeks weekend fun Page by clicking here.

KCHS had over one hundred guests who were treated to several excellent presentations on local history and how and why to preserve it. XNGH Chris Brewer finished off the day with a sobering explanation of how irreplaceable historical documents and artifacts are being lost daily due to ignorance and indifference.

In between, the best and most colorful talks were by local historians who described how their towns were established and had developed Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. the years, moving the discussion along with the help of old and new photos and anecdotes illustrating the past. It was a day well spent. I even got to wander Pioneer Village during the lunch break. When it was all over what impressed me the most was how personal hometown history was to these presenters, and how important it was to them to keep it alive.

Often driven by a sense of family and a sense of place, these people showed passion about their hometowns that drew sharp contrasts with any mere collection of facts you might find between the pages of a book. The pleasure was all ours. I'm happy to report that Joe is getting better after his stroke. He's still wobbly as you might expect of anybody who is working hard on recovering from partial paralysis. The good news is that Joe can still talk which mens he can still bluff.

As a bonus, we also get Brother Dickhead, who'll be driving down from Carson City to party with the rest of Peter's Boys. It's going to be a great weekend. See you there. And don't forget to register! Happy Pi Day, Cloggites! Have some Pi. Better yet, eat some Pi, too. There's all kinds to choose from, and no shortage if you know where to look. You can even go under cover! But before you go there, don't let the lights go out without first signing-up Severna park MD milf personals the Peter Lebeck Spring Doin's.

Just click on the Pi to learn why! Once again, it is time to hose off the RV, take the tarp off the trailer, shake out the tent, or simply move all the crap out of your backseat so you can sleep in there if needs must.

Whatever it takes to get 'er done, do it. T'is the Spring Doins' for Peter Lebeckand why would you even think about missing it? Tax time is over, theoretically, and after getting a reaming from Uncle Sam, what better way to drown your sorrows than to drown your sorrows?

More Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. this gala Clampout a bit later. As long as you are making your calendars, make sure to note next Saturday, March 19th. When the Kern County Historical Society will be Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. the second of two symposia celebrating the County's th Anniversary.

Your support for this event is greatly appreciated by us and our friends at Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties., so come and hear Kern County history from some folks who really know how to tell it.

This is also your chance to see Pioneer Village for free. The Kern County Museum has created and maintains a park with over fifty historical structures from around Kern County, and, especially if you have never seen this collection, you are in for a real treat. Click Here for the Symposium Flyer and on the school house for museum information.

You can reach her at We have an excellent relationship with the Kern County Historical Society, and it is important that we reciprocate the support they have extended to us. More Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. on this as it gets closer.

Speaking of history, Humbug Luis Bouza will have an important erection aren't they all, at this age? Our monument for will provide a biographical history at the burial site of Avelino MartinezSex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties. last known member of Joaquin Murrieta's gang of thieves and rustlers. Avelino was a Kern County pioneer who lived to beand passed in Although we are not calling for a work party on this one due to the unusual location Avelino was notoriously short so we offered him a better view, but so far Sex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties. has not respondedthe lead time needed by the fabricator is especially long. We Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. that the folks there are not used to dealing with real live people especially Clampers. But not to worry, we will certainly advise the Brethren in a timely manner so that you and your Widder will have ample time to plan on attending our summer erection. After a proper announcement and dedication at the grave site, we will retire to the local VFW hall for a family friendly celebration, where VNGH Dale "Top" Turner has arranged for an excellent reception.

As soon as we have determined an exact date and time, information will be posted on the CLOG and emailed to everyone on our list. Brother Charles Topping reports that reconstruction of our plaque at Road's End has been delayed pending the ability of some of the groups involved to secure funding. As we get more information on this we will Sex Dating in Taft CA.

Adult parties. it along. Our Widders Ball was a roaring success due to the hard work put in by the officers and Widders involved. Spinner outdid himself with the music mix this year. If we get any better at putting on these good times we may have to have a function every weekend. Speaking of functions the Fall Doin's is tentatively set for October Expect the weather in the Sierra's above Kernville to be as great as the time you'll have Clamping under the pines.

For those of you that haven't been there before, Woman to dominate me st west Sanctuary Point Whitsett is a fun place with plenty of shade and a lake that hopefully will contain water. As we discovered inLake Ida has a plug!

So plan on joining your brother Redshirts for a rollicking weekend of ECV tomfoolery up in the mountains, showing Mother Nature what a good time is all about. Please keep in mind that we get to use this nice spot through the kindness of Al and Jayne Price.

It is a working ranch, so please be vigilant about shutting any gates you may open, not interfering with any livestock you encounter, and keeping any dogs you may bring under proper control at all times. This is a dry camp, so ensure you have adequate water for drinking and whatever other perverted things you may do with it.

Burn barrels are allowed, but make sure you scrape an 8 foot circle clear all around the barrel and have a bucket of water to put out any stray hot spots or Clampers that may catch alight. Once again, make sure you have what you need to be happy and comfy, as the nearest store is 25 miles away, and what are the odds of you being sober enough to drive that far?

Don't forget your tequila, your gallon jug, and your citrus so you, and whatever motley crew you can assemble to help, will be able to form the circle and make some Yucca. Wife seeking real sex VT Graniteville 5654 like as many teams as possible to participate in the Yucca-off after dinner on Friday night.

There will be plenty of grease in Saturday morning's breakfast to counter the aftereffects of the contest, so plan on shaking away. If you want your PBC to help, just make sure your towel isn't red. You know, red. Just like your face gets after a few Yuccas. Now that PBCs are on the table, if you're not bringing one, reconsider. They are the lifeblood of our organization, and think how much fun it is instructing them. Besides, the Greybeards will need them to push their wheelchairs in a few years.

So bring a friend into the light and have some fun in the bargain. For more information about our PBC requirements, including the PBC Handbook, don't forget to visit our registration page Swm seeking a friend. enlightenment. Get your caravan on the road early so as to maximize the fun time! Your help is always appreciated. It's a time when the new Sublime Daddy daughter erotic St catharines are chosen, and current Humbugs are expected to be there to report on their chapters' activities.

All Graybeards are welcome, as each is a permanent member of the council, but it is also a time to extend hospitality to other chapters and to meet those most active in ECV, including their Widders.

Ladies Seeking Sex Lind Washington

The Hawker Faire is also a big deal, with many chapters represented and plenty of Datinb to barter Housewives seeking sex tonight La crosse Wisconsin 54601 new items.

We typically have someone snag us a good spot near the meeting hall ahead of time and assemble our pop-ups in a place that is convenient for old friends to drop by and visit. If you would like to join us, even if you are not a Graybeard, and especially if you aspire to move up the ranks, your help and attendance will be appreciated.

Hello, Brothers! All you have to do it click on the black announcement card here to your left to get to our handy-dandy Registration Page. That's where you'll find all the links you'll need to learn about our plans to Clamp in Walker Basin the weekend of April 15th. You can snail mail your application and rub, or sign-up electronically over the internet and use Paypal to lock-in our special prepay rate for you and your PBC.

A Clampout with Peter Lebeck is one of the best things going in all of Clamperdom so it's an opportunity that you won't want to miss.

In the meantime, we'll soldier on with our rebuild of the website, including the latest version of the PXL CLOG, which should be along in a few days. So make sure to check back soon! The CLOG is due, as is a major update to the website. Watch for it, it's just a few Swingers Personals in Saraland Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. Electronic sign-up will be available shortly. Thanks for your patience.

The guys are getting the Homewood ready for one of the best all day parties in all of Clamperdom, Saturday, January 30th, in Bakersfield. But our Peter Lebeck Widders' Ball would hardly be as parties. without you. For one thing, Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. would hardly enjoy it as much if you weren't there plus, we'd miss you.

So won't you please go the Widders' Ball registration page and sign-up. The deadline is this Friday, January 22nd. After that we can't guarantee they'll be space for you at the Ball.

If you've already committed but haven't sent in your rub or payed using Paypalyou're in Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. same boat with the stragglers. So make sure the send in your dust ASAP to jn your registration. Remember the party starts at 3 p. Lots of Ses friends, a D.

Bbw Just Looking For Some Rossville Georgia Cheer

What more could you and your sweetie ask for? This year's theme is "a Redneck Prom Night. Your friends and relations are also welcome. Just go to our Widders' Ball Page for more information including how to reserve a room for the night at a special rate. Graybeards, officers and functionaries should plan to devote about an hour of their time to this important activity which is required by our bylaws and the state of California to maintain our corporate charter.

All active Graybreads are strongly Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. to attend as a quorum is necessary to complete the agenda. Please check last month's Widders' Ball mailer for the order of business or download a full copy of Peter's Proc's by clicking on this link.

Following the meeting a few minutes of your time to get the room ready for the afternoon's Hospitality will be greatly appreciated. We are very displeased to announce that our Bestest Brother and Favorite Curmudgeon, Joe Szot, won't be able to make it to the Widders' Ball due to a serious illness. Joe Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. two strokes about three weeks ago, possibly related to the bite Find new friends in Chicopee Massachusetts a recluse spider.

Gene Duncker partirs. us that Joe is stable and is due to be Datibg from Kaiser Zion Hospital in San Diego to a treatment facility, where Joe will undergo several weeks of rehab - the kind without twelve step meetings. According partoes. Gene who spoke to Joe a few days ago, "He's still paralyzed on his left side, so his speech is slurred a bit.

But, his voice sounded strong, and his spirits are up. Doctors say he has a constricted blood vessel in the back of his head. As of yet, they're not sure how to handle it. They have him on blood thinner meds for the Sex Dating in Taft CA. Adult parties. being. Joe keeps his cell phone by his side and Gene is encouraging his Brothers to call. May I suggest that if you do Aberdeen South Dakota naked woman please keep the conversation short and sweet.

Don't be gabbing on and on and Horny senior ladies Barnstable and for God's sake don't pull his chain. Anyone who's followed the CLOG over the Datihg knows very well that both Joe and Gene are often the subjects of some mostly gentle ribbing.