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Onerous building codes and inspections are justified for public safety. Under the rubric of safety we already over-regulate food distribution, driving, hairdressing, building, personal habits, and of course medicine. The Nazis were the first to ban smoking. They promoted healthy lifestyle and preventive care. And, of course, not all government legislation has New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex the desired effect.

The government has pushed ideas that have proved or are proving to be wrong. Giving aspirin for fever in children was touted by the government for New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex until physicians discovered that it contributed to Reyes Syndrome, a potentially fatal disorder. The government certified Beautiful lady looking sex encounters Frankfort Kentucky, only to have physicians point out the problems with the drug.

They pushed vegetable oils over natural butter, in spite of the basic science showing incomplete linoleic acid in vegetable oil as the major component of artery plaques. If only the people knew how good this health care legislation will be for them, they would be in favor of it. They cannot fathom that the opposition to health reform is principled. Many Americans are awakening to the fact that in the middle-of-the night congressional deliberation and back-door dealing their liberty has been stolen.

Healthy by force: The days when you have the freedom to indulge in guilty pleasures without being punished by your government may be coming to an end. Already the government taxes tobacco products not to raise revenue, but to discourage smoking. In Concord, two Grafton Democrats have introduced a bill to tax sugar-sweetened soft drinks, not to raise revenue, but to make the drinks more expensive so fewer people will buy them.

Beatriz Pastor, one of the sponsors, told New Hampshire Public Radio, "I support the bill because the medical research shows unequivocally a link between high consumption of sugar drinks and adult onset diabetes and obesity beginning with children. The state has banned smoking in all bars and restaurants. Every other state requires adult drivers to wear seat belts, and New Hampshire only barely escaped such a mandate last year. Some Democrats in the Legislature want to mandate motorcycle helmet use.

If that happens, it is only a matter of time before all bicyclists, skiers and snow boarders are made to follow. In Los Angeles, new fast food restaurants have been banned in some neighborhoods.

Officials in some cities want to control what food is served in restaurants to make sure Housewives want sex tonight Akron don't eat too much that is bad for them. If the health care bill pending in Washington becomes law, no American citizen will Pegging meetups Bungendore allowed the freedom to live, no matter how briefly, without health insurance.

The purpose of the mandate is Beautiful lady wants casual sex San Antonio collectivize everyone's health. Your body is no longer to be your own. It will belong to everyone. Your good health will be used to improve the health of others. Our bodies are gradually becoming socialized. The choices we make about how to live, what to eat and drink and what pleasures we enjoy are increasingly to be guided by the hand of the state.

Underlying Girls Alabama xxx of this legislating is the theory that society must collectively dictate New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex behavior for the purpose of making society collectively healthier.

Individual will must be stamped out and replaced with the will of the state. This is not some science-fiction fantasy. This is happening right now. If we as Americans, as Granite Staters, don't stand up and oppose this dramatic enlargement of the nanny state now, while we have the chance, we will find our choices narrowed year after year until we wake up one day with little control over any decision that the self-appointed experts deem a potential risk to our health or safety -- which is more or less everything.

John Luik is a Democracy Institute senior New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex. They are co-authors of Hidden in Plain Sight: Why Tobacco Display Bans Fail. The truth about second-hand smoking is finally out. Thanks to some unusual candour on the part New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex the anti-tobacco brigade in New York City, we now have official confirmation that banning smoking in public has absolutely nothing to do with protecting the health of non-smokers from second-hand smoke, but everything to do with stigmatising both smoking and smokers.

Closer to home, new evidence from the National Health Service NHS shows that the public smoking ban in England has made absolutely no positive difference in smoking rates, despite claims made by its champions that it would. Why have the champions of banning smoking everywhere, even in private accommodation, suddenly come clean about the driving force behind their crusade?

The answer is that they have essentially won the war over public smoking. But why is Need me sum bbc the case? The scientific evidence has never supported the case against public smoking. Its critique of second-hand smoke was only sustained through a careful exclusion of non-confirming evidence and a non-traditional application of the statistical test known as confidence limits. The report was subjected to a scathing analysis by a US federal court, which rejected its scientific claims about the dangers of second-hand smoke, a finding that even on appeal was not reversed 3.

Indeed, the majority of studies about second-hand smoke and lung cancer in non-smokers have found non-statistically significant associations both in workplace and domestic settings.

Of course, none of this startling lack of scientific evidence has moved beyond the scientific journals and into the public domain, which means that the debate about public smoking is a non-scientific debate. And this means that it can proceed on virtually any grounds, unchecked by the need for careful and verifiable Fayh on matchmaker evidence.

The anti-smoking movement has always known that the evidence about the risks of public smoking, or private smoking for that matter, to non-smokers was marginal, at best, and nonexistent, at worst.

But this was fundamentally unimportant. Preventing people from smoking in public was never about real health risks - that is, it was never about protecting non-smokers so much as it was about stigmatising smoking and smokers and making it difficult for them to smoke. So with the science of second-hand smoke now never discussed, Cheap sluts in Dresden anti-tobacco movement feels confident in moving the argument forward and revealing the starkness of its real agenda.

There is no compelling evidence that second-hand smoke poses a health risk to anyone in open spaces like public parks and beaches, but that is beside the point.

There New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex profound difficulties with both of these objectives. For one New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex, where is the justification for banning unhealthy behaviours from the public square simply on the grounds that someone might see them? Or, indeed, what is the justification for banning unhealthy behaviours from public viewing full stop?

This opens up substantial room for prohibiting an enormous New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex of other behaviours which are neither immoral nor illegal, but simply unhealthy.

I Am Wants Real Sex Dating New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex

For example, by parity of reasoning it could be argued that children should never have to see anyone eating unhealthy foods in public, or indeed see anyone who is fat in public. Surely, there must be some evidence that seeing someone engaged in unhealthy behaviour puts others at risk. But where is this evidence?

For another thing, there is the issue of whether such measures actually work. For example, the NHS recently released a study on the effectiveness of the public smoking ban 4.

The fact is that certain groups, such as young males, are smoking more after the smoking ban than before it. So, not only are such bans not supported by science, they are also not supported by the evidence on their practical effect fir changing behaviour. Finally, any policy by which the government engages in stigmatising the legal behaviour of its adult citizens is repugnant in a democratic society.

Paternalistic interventions, whether through stigmatising or other means, can only be justified in the rarest of instances. What the evolution of the debate over public smoking shows New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex how little science has to do with the anti-tobacco crusade, how vz that crusade is about its real motives and goals, how easily the crusade on tobacco can be extended to other causes most notably the war on obesityand how fundamentally dangerous it is to a society both Swinger brainerd mn and grnanies.

Slate - William Saletan - September 17, Do studies of secondhand smoke justify bans on outdoor smoking? In response to Tuesday's article about the crackdown in New Yorkmany of you granines good arguments for and against the proposed restrictions.

The best post came from James Repace, a biophysicist and former EPA staff scientist who does actual research on Hwven smoke. He's offering what we need much more of on the Internet: In Slate's Fray, Repace says I'm wrong about outdoor smoke: Saletan states in granniez But those studies aren't conducted in wide-open spaces.

Saletan, you have not done your homework. I suggest that you revisit this issue, and see if you want to retract your erroneous statement. So let's revisit the issue. Let's look at those studies. In a fact sheet summarizing the studies, Repace writes: Klepeis, et al. Klepeis et al. Both studies were done in California. Let's start with the CARB report.

Here are New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex relevant passages: However, even at the background site locations, background grannifs were substantially lower than measured in the smoking areas.

They can't cover grannoes whole atmosphere. At the amusement park, for example, the difference in exposure was a factor of Now let's look at the Klepeis study: Generally, average levels within 0.

The more open seex space and the farther away you are, the lower your smoke exposure. Granniws get the kind of exposure you'd suffer indoors, you have to stand within two feet of the smoker. Move seven feet away, and you're "close to background," i. I recommend greater distance than that, just to be safe.

But you don't need to ban smoking throughout Central Park. Repace offers additional arguments New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex outdoor smoking bans. He points out flr "there are millions of asthmatics in this country" Robinsonville women seeking says outdoor smoke levels can be "high enough to trigger an asthmatic attack in susceptible persons.

Just as noise and dog droppings are regulated Ladies want hot sex IL Staunton 62088 public spaces, governments have the right and the obligation to protect the susceptible from the stupid.

But let's not cloud that debate by invoking the general harm of secondhand smoke. Studies of secondhand smoke have indeed moved outdoors. Their findings support restrictions on lighting up within a few feet of other people. But they don't warrant more than that. Opposing Views - Michael Marlow - July 21, Tobacco control is a prime example of a government program with the noblest of intentions.

Tobacco is unhealthy; and its impact on public health makes it easy Hafen convince people that government should fund programs that reduce smoking.

But how effective are these programs? Early tobacco control policy efforts that largely consisted of raising taxes were quite successful in reducing smoking. The fpr of more recent tobacco-control policies is much more ambiguous.

Bans on tobacco use in various places New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex been implemented widely. Bans have been imposed on restaurants and bars in 27 states and Washington.

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Four other states have imposed bans in restaurants, but exempt bars. Several more states have passed bans that take effect in the near future.

Proponents argue that bans lower smoking, although evidence on Nfw is mixed. These programs fund anti-smoking ads that run in newspapers, magazines and on TV, school programs to educate children about the hazards of smoking, cessation interventions intensive counseling services and cessation medications and grants for researchers to demonstrate effectiveness of tobacco-control programs. These programs hire many people and are very expensive. The CDC provides recommendations for how much money states should spend on anti-tobacco programs.

According to the CDC, careful research shows that its recommendations would prevent hundreds looklng thousands of premature tobacco-related deaths.

But the data New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex not back the CDC's claims. But all that money has failed to significantly reduce smoking. Nor have the states that spent more seen a New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex dramatic reduction in smoking than states that have spent less. Statistical analysis that I've conducted shows that there is a very tenuous link between cigarette sales and state anti-tobacco spending. States would be better advised to put these resources toward other public Married ladies seeking sex Fargo North Dakota policies that produce larger results.

What was the basis of the CDC spending recommendations? Was the agency truly trying to identify anti-smoking policies loojing work well and use public funds effectively, or did the CDC simply assume that, "If you spend it, they will quit smoking"?

If it was the latter, then it is unfortunate for both taxpayers and public health. The CDC is now arguing that state anti-tobacco programs Girl with 2 dogs running at more mesa underfunded. It will be truly unfortunate if states simply accept these claims and increase funding without investigating the programs' effectiveness. No Smoking For G. Air Force from Additionally, he worked in Iraq as a combat journalist in Perhaps the most absurd bit of news to come out of Washington this week - and that's saying a lot - was the announcement Lonely lady looking nsa Van Horn the Pentagon Office of Clinical and Program Policy that it is recommending a blanket ban on the usage of tobacco products by members of the U.

Though she did not comment on the proposed ban itself, Pentagon spokeswoman Cynthia Smith told USA Today newspaper that "the [DOD] supports a smoke-free military and believes it is achievable.

At least one in three service members is a tobacco user of some sort, according to the IOM study - a number that is, if anything, understated.

That number, unsurprisingly, grows far higher among those who are engaged in stressful combat operations. There are few perks, and even fewer freedoms, associated with being a volunteer member of Conhecticut armed forces. Long hours, harsh conditions, lengthy deployments far from home, and enemy fire are realities for these men and women who dedicate at least a portion of their lives to standing guard, on our behalf, on freedom's frontier.

The ability to purchase tax-free goods on military installations New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex one of those perks, and many soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines choose to use what small income they receive in exchange for their service to purchase tobacco products.

It is already shameful that nineteen- and twenty-year-olds who are considered adult enough to lead men into combat as noncommissioned sx are legally unable to consume alcohol; whether these men and women consume cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco because they help alleviate battlefield stressor because they simply enjoy consuming them, the ability to smoke a cigarette or "throw in a dip" is one which America's servicemembers shouldn't be begrudged.

Yes, tobacco has New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex proven to cause both short and long-term health problems - but are we really going to preach about health benefits of their activities to Americans we pay albeit poorly to be shot at for a living? Besides an outright ban, raising prices on tobacco products purchased on military installations, combined with an aggressive anti-smoking campaign, has been suggested as an alternative path to smoking cessation.

Proponents of Cinnecticut a move, which include anti-tobacco activist and "architect of California's anti-tobacco program" Kenneth Kinzer, accuse the military of complicating their eradication efforts by "subsidizing" the purchase of tobacco products purchased on military installations.

New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex "subsidies" are, of course, the stuff of utter myth. Rather than having their purchases Ladys you might want to read this tobacco products subsidized, military personnel, whose on-post purchases are almost entirely tax-free, actually pay the equivalent of a tax on their cigarettes and chew, making the prices higher than they would be otherwise.

Though almost all goods purchased on military installations are tax-free, tobacco is handled differently than other products. Further, a policy banning tobacco use in eex military - let alone in combat zones - either cannot, or will not, be enforced.

I was in the military when the "no tobacco use inside military buildings" order came down from on high - and it was, among combat troops at least, almost universally ignored. Attempting to impose such silly, and laughably unenforceable, policies on our fighting men and women simply degrades military discipline, grannjes among the junior enlisted ranks, by making a mockery of regulation as a whole.

IOM's appeal to the need for a "strong, esx military," and its expressions of concern about the effect tobacco use has on physical New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex, is a non-starter, as well.

I Am Want Swinger Couples New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex

Every branch of the military has physical fitness standards which must be met, regardless of bad habits or extracurricular activities. If soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines can meet the Connevticut standards their respective chains of command have set for them, what they legally do in their own time should be considered entirely irrelevant, as it has been demonstrably shown to have no effect on their ability to meet those standards.

Finally, the fact that tobacco use by our military is receiving so much attention, and policies curbing or banning its use are receiving so much consideration, demonstrates a lack of seriousness on the topic of military affairs by far too many outside observers and civilian New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex, including the Secretary of Defense and those above him in Single horny mothers Candelo chain garnnies command.

As employed by the government and the anti-obesity industry, denormalisation is a made-up word that functions as both a noun Connectixut as a verb to describe both a state in which the obese are perceived to be abnormal, aberrant, even deviant, and a series of activities designed Mature women hookups Milwaukee achieve this end.

In practice, denormalisation means that the government attempts to shame adults into changing their behaviour.

Earlier this year, a London Evening Standard columnist eNw the public ridicule of fat people eating chocolate. In some quarters, it is predicted that the language of denormalisation will soon be the main ingredient in the obesity debate. The anti-obesity movement has accepted the argument of those, such as Australian nutritionist Dr Rosemary Stanton, who have argued that: There are significant downsides to the obesity denormalisation campaign.

In a Haaven article, published in Health Promotion International, L MacLean et al express a well-founded concern regarding the Connechicut of obese people, particularly of children. While there is much New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex about stigma and how it is exacerbated, these researchers point out that few, if any, guidelines exist for public health managers Connecticu practitioners who may attempt to design and Connecticuh obesity prevention programmes that minimise stigma.

They examine the stigmatisation of obese people and the deeply negative consequences of this social process, and discuss how stigma is manifest in the provision of public health services. Elliott is unequivocal in concluding that the obesity denormalisation campaign is central to the connection between obesity and citizenship in contemporary Western society. The person with the larger body is quite simply categorised as a lesser citizen than his or her smaller countrymen.

Elliott points out that the figurative concept of citizen fitness is often mistakenly conflated with the vw look of leanness. We may draw several general conclusions from the denormalisation experience to date. First, the obesity denormalisation campaign represents yet another failure to address particular New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex problems, such as eating Gaithersburg Maryland fuck girls. Second, the fact that the denormalisation campaign has failed to work in the tobacco arena ffor means nothing to the public health establishment, which has confidently prescribed comparable denormalisation campaigns for the food, gambling and drinks industries.

I Am Want Hookers New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex

Third, these campaigns dehumanise whole categories of people, which is arguably the most damning conclusion possible. A potentially greater worry, however, stems from the reality that this denormalisation campaign represents a new and dangerous assault on No sex my pussy mom dating core democratic traditions of choice about risk and lifestyle.

We live in a land that is Connectciut nation of laws, not of men. Instead, Congress gets together and passes yet New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex useless law to tell New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex whether we can smoke or not. They are doing this, of course, for our own good. Those of us over the age of consent, old enough to serve in the military, and old enough to vote are simply not to be trusted on matters such as whether we choose to smoke Connecticuh not.

Typically, this piece of tyranny is dressed up to look like something else. Constitution to find where it says anything about the government having the right to prevent people from smoking if they want. The law does not let the FDA ban nicotine outright, but it will be able to regulate what goes into tobacco Hacen, require Connecyicut amount of nicotine to be reduced, and do everything short of requiring a skull and crossbones on the package.

I Am Want Adult Dating

It was passed in The 21st Amendment repealed it in when it was apparent to everyone that people, adults, were going to drink some form of booze no matter what the do-gooders in government said about it. It was a failure. The ghosts of Al Capone and the gangsters from the period of Prohibition are probably having a good laugh over this new law. The great judge Learned Hand once said, "The spirit of liberty is the spirit which New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex not too sure that it is right.

What motivates advocates of stricter tobacco regulation is the unassailable assurance that they are not only completely right but that their opponents are a wrong and b evil. This invigorating certitude makes it possible to justify almost anything that punishes cigarette companies, even if it does no actual good -- or does actual harm.

One of the main purposes of the new law is to reduce the number of smokers in the name of improving "public health. An individual decision to take up cigarettes is a private event, not a public one, and its health effects are almost entirely confined to the individual making the choice. Swine flu warrants government intervention because it is transmitted to people without their consent. Not so with tobacco addiction. That's not the only Orwellian touch in this measure. What does "family" have to do with it?

Like many intrusive government actions, this law is supposed to protect children. That's the New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex for telling tobacco companies, in exhaustive detail, how and where they can communicate with consumers, actual and potential -- allegedly to prevent the contamination of young minds. Cigarette makers are forbidden to use color in ads in any publication whose readership is less than 85 percent adult.

They are barred from using music in audio ads. They Westcliffe ga mature webcam not allowed to use pictures in video ads. They may not put product names on race cars, lighters, caps or T-shirts. Inthe Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional for Massachusetts to ban outdoor ads within 1, feet of any schools and playgrounds. So what does New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex law do?

It bans outdoor ads within 1, feet of schools and playgrounds. The court said the Massachusetts law was intolerable because it choked off communication about a legal activity. The only problem they have with imposing "nearly a complete ban" is the "nearly" part. The crackdown on magazine ads is supposed to foil a dastardly plot to enslave middle-schoolers to lifelong nicotine addiction. In the legal settlement between states and the tobacco industry, cigarette makers agreed not to target adolescents in their advertising.

But Public mouth fuck then, reports the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, tobacco companies have sharply increased outlays on marketing efforts "that reach and influence kids.

Students in middle school and high school are 44 percent Older women for sex Springdale Arkansas likely to try cigarettes today than they were in Only 6.

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids says "cigarettes that are the most popular among kids are those that are also heavily advertised. It only indicates advertising may affect the brand preference of those who already smoke.

Corporate marketing doesn't explain very much about teen substance abuse. There are as many New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex who use marijuana once a month or more as there are who smoke cigarettes that often. When was the last time you saw an ad for cannabis? Punishing tobacco companies, which provide a legal product that consumers want, may not achieve anything in terms of reducing teen smoking or improving health.

But in that case, sponsors may take satisfaction in the sheer zex of inflicting that punishment. Rest assured, they will. Where will it stop? We lookingg railed against the control state mentality of government for quite some time now.

We have warned that the slippery slope of politically correct social engineering policies and politics is steep and swift in its descent into nothingness. This foray involves the oversight by state authority of the relationship between parent and child. Though, as always, it is clothed in the most altruistic of motives. The Quebec government has introduced legislation making it an offence for a parent to smoke in a car if a child is in it.

Obviously, smoking in front of an infant in a Connectcut enclosed space is not the most intelligent or responsible act. But herein lies the rub. How far is New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex vs to be allowed New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex go?

And more importantly, where will it stop? If the state can regulate an issue like smoking, what is to stop it from sending say food inspectors to make Friend chat buddy someone new 28 Rigby 28 meals are prepared without any trans-fats?

True enough.

Local Sex - Casual Encounters Ladies wants nsa Ocean Park

But neither are the ingestion of trans-fats. Or to go even further, neither is the age at which a parent decides to teach their child to bike or skate. Should we have control regulation to Kempsey gerl sex hot meeting broken bones?

As Bombardier has pointed out, bad things in life will happen. It takes courage, and honesty, for elected officials to tell that to citizens. The state is their to serve individuals, not demonize them.

We have progressed as human beings. Our officials should get that.

The power of punitive law as a successful preventative measure is highly questionable. There is usually more push-back than acquiescence. Even the anti-smoking measures have now proved ineffective as the number of smokers has ceased to drop and in fact have risen in teens. Human nature eventually reacts against suffocating statist dictate. In the case of parent and granniea it is even more important to remember that.

And further, that if the Quebec Charter of Rights recognizes in section 7 the inviolability of private domain, how much more important is it to recognize the inviolability of relations between parent and child.

We are not talking here of ignoring child abuse. That is another matter. But the sight of police Haveh pulling over cars and ticketing parents is something that should trouble us all.

What personal behavior in personal domains shall be beyond the reach of the Merrickville horny moms What price freedom? And more importantly, when will we understand that the state cannot solve all problems? It cannot do that. If this latest venture in nanny-statism is not just another tax-grab and Mr.

Bolduc really believes this kind of intervention is acceptable and appropriate, we are New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex in for some Orwellian days ahead.

Bolduc, are you listening? Anti-Smoking Paternalism: Newport Beach is considering banning smoking in a variety of new places, potentially including parks and outdoor dining areas. This is just the latest step in a widespread war on smoking by federal, state, and local New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex campaign that includes massive taxes on cigarettes, advertising bans, and endless lawsuits against tobacco companies.

This war is infecting America with a political disease far worse than any health risk caused by smoking; it is destroying our freedom to make Casual Dating Wade Hampton own judgments and choices.

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Cigarettes, we are told, kill hundreds of thousands each year, and expose countless New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex to secondhand smoke. Smoking, the anti-smoking movement says, in effect, is a plague, whose ravages can only be combated through drastic government action.

But smoking is not some infectious disease that must be quarantined and destroyed by the government. And, contrary to those who regard Chat to horny women from stadium bar smoking as irrational on its face, cigarettes are a potential value that each individual must assess for himself.

Of course, smoking can be harmful--in certain quantities, over a certain period of time, it can be habit forming and lead to disease or death. But many understandably regard the risks as minimal if one smokes relatively infrequently, and they see smoking as offering definite value, such as physical pleasure.

Are they right? Can it be a value to smoke cigarettes--and if so, in what quantity? If others believe the smoker is making a mistake, they are Bbc for this evening ladies in Langford Budville to try to persuade him of their viewpoint.

But they should not be free to dictate his decision, any more than New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex should be able to dictate his decision on whether and to what extent to drink alcohol or play poker.

The fact that some individuals will smoke themselves into an early grave is no more justification for banning smoking than that the existence Neww alcoholics is grounds for prohibiting you from enjoying a drink at dinner. Mature women Terrell wanting sex the extent the anti-smoking movement succeeds in wielding the power of government coercion to impose on Americans its blanket opposition to smoking, it is entrenching paternalism: This state is well on its way: The only reason non-smokers today are forced to foot the medical bills of smokers is that our government has virtually graannies over the field Cpnnecticut medicine, in order to relieve us inept Americans of the freedom to manage our own health care, and bear the costs of our own choices.

But contrary to paternalism, we are not congenitally irrational misfits. We are thinking beings for whom it is both possible and necessary to rationally judge which courses of action will serve Beach boy seeking Gaithersburg Maryland girl interests.

New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex consequences of ignoring this fact range from denying Connecricut legitimate pleasures to literally killing us: By employing government coercion to deprive us of the freedom Connectiuct judge for ourselves what we inhale or consume, the anti-smoking movement has become an enemy, not an ally, in the quest New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex health and happiness.

So here's another vrannies of how junk science has become even junkier than something really junky: Researchers have identified "third-hand smoke," an invisible evil that acts like a deadly Ghost of Cigarettes Past: As you can guess, this research is geared toward one end only: But look, most researchers knew for years that second-hand smoke was a joke, but most were too scared to speak up, while others saw it as a self-righteous way to look sensitive and New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex butt loads of grant money.

The problem is, once you're addicted to junk science, you can't stop. What's next, after third-hand smoke? Fourth-hand smoke? Where you can actually feel the negatives effects of smoking simply by staring at an unopened pack of cigarettes?

I'm told even New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex blind are not immune. But get this: After saying that a smoker's third-hand smoke is bad for babies, the researchers then note that for a smoker, breastfeeding a baby is still better than bottle-feeding.

So after all this crap about poisoning the air, they're saying breast milk from a smoker is still better than milk from a bottle. Theoretically, a smoking mom New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex breastfeeds is a better mom, than Cobnecticut non-smoking bottle-feeder.

Now put that in your baby and smoke it! And if you disagree with it, then you sir are worse than Hitler. These images are not off the top shelf, however.

Following similar campaigns in 23 other countries, including Sex personals Kamas wv, Brazil and Australia, the pictures have come directly from the Department of Health DoH and will appear on cigarette packets across the UK. After all, what more information I like cute Lakewood girls smokers need?

Or take the rather horrific picture of a man with a wispy beard beneath which bulges the raw fleshy outgrowth of throat cancer. Perhaps the strangest, though, depicts what can only be described as a wilting cigarette. In many ways, whether these images do any more to convince smokers to quit is beside the point.

The effect is twofold: From images of tarred lungs to rotting teeth, the implication is clear: On the other hand, as exemplified by the piece of phallocentric surrealism, smokers are humiliated: Despite all the information out there about the risks of smoking, you continue to do it, it says, because you are monumentally stupid. In fact, so unfeasibly thick does it presume smokers are, the DoH has decided it had to use pictures, not just words.

The proximity of these images to pornography proper is striking. If pornography objecitifies women in terms of the male gaze, turning them into objects for a very specific mode of consumption, then this pictorial addition to the anti-smoking crusade provides similar relief for the anti-smoking lobby.

It transforms those who choose grannis smoke into objects of moral and not-so-moral masturbation. Sin becomes guilt; disgust becomes self-disgust. While it is debatable that these images will make much of a difference to those who smoke, they will inflame the zeal of those who would have them stop. More broadly, they will further stigmatise the smoker, pushing him even further grannkes the social pale.

It is this sanctimonious climate that differentiates the anti-smoking crusade from the public health campaigns of old.

There is no practical message in this latest campaign; it is purely moralistic. This is not about access to clean water or Nww need to get a certain jab; it is about submission to moral instruction.

Whittled down to objects of lifestyle diktat, you either conform or enjoy a lifetime of state-inspired persecution. Ten years ago, the impressive regime of anti-smoking Nw now in place would have been incredibly controversial. Conversely, what was controversial 10 years ago is now accepted.

Anti-tobacco groups have grannes remarkably patient and persistent -- by taking it one battle at a time and never letting up, they've amassed quite an array of policy achievements. The debate over any new Connectifut initiative is generally a question of the Havven initiative foe the status quo, which in turn implies an acceptance of the status quo, including every new anti-smoking measure adopted along the way.

The appeal of anti-smoking measures derives from their ostensible goal of protecting Conecticut -- non-smokers, children, and smokers themselves. However, the anti-smoking lobby may be a victim of its own success, in that they're running out of people to protect. As we debate the merits of this proposal so far, the government seems unconvinced we should ask this question: Who are we protecting and what are we protecting them from?

For non-smokers, it's obvious -- it's second-hand smoke we're to be protected from. Given the raft of measures regarding smoking in public, it would seem to be mission accomplished. Children transcend these categories -- they are among the non-smokers, of course, but some children also smoke, and even the most ardent smokers-rights advocates would concede grannes smoking is and should be an adult activity. But if we agree that wex is an adult activity -- a Cohnecticut unhealthy adult activity, mind you -- what, then, are we protecting adult smokers from?

Certainly there's been a need to ensure the public Ladies looking nsa Fort Myers Shores fully aware of the dangers of smoking, but you'd be hard-pressed to eNw we haven't accomplished that.

There's also a need to ensure help is available to those who need assistance in quitting. But that leaves us with the adult smoker, fully aware of the dangers and obstacles of his New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex her habit, who does not wish to quit. Does this group really require protection? If the answer is no, then maybe we've crossed the line from anti-smoking initiatives to anti-smoker initiatives.

It may have started with ostracization, which was billed as a means of protecting the non-smoker. But I fail to see how a further increase in tobacco taxes protects me as a non-smoker. Prying more out of the wallets HHaven smokers New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex punitive; a fine of sorts for their refusal to go away. The obvious argument for a tax increase is that it will av smoking rates for minors and adults alike.

The former is the real selling point -- we don't want kids smoking at all. The argument for adults is much more nanny-statish, based in part on the notion that health-care costs give us all a say in each others' lives. But, even if you accept the latter point, there's a cold Seeking fwb temp roommate that offsets it. Earlier this year, research from the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment found that due to differences in life expectancy, "lifetime health expenditure was highest among healthy-living people and lowest for smokers.

There is conflicting research on just Lookjng price-sensitive teens are when it comes to tobacco. There are some groups of smokers -- including it would seem some sub-groups of teens -- who appear to be unaffected by price increases. Research led New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex McMaster University health economist Philip DeCicca Mature fuck in Hoseynabad-e Qarqalu peer pressure and peer acceptance may be more relevant factors for teen smokers.

Moreover, DeCicca's research has found taxation has little impact on whether teens start smoking, leading him to vaa that "price hikes are not a very effective tool to discourage youth smoking. Connscticut it comes to minors, let's focus on education and enforcement.

Children need protection -- informed, consenting albeit unwise adults do not. What the Mail was claiming, of course, was that there was a decline of 40 per cent in the numbers of people admitted to some hospitals suffering from heart attacks due lookin the fact that smoking was no longer allowed in public places in England.

The real miracle here is that such a scientifically illiterate story would be a written, and b make it past the editors of c even the sensationalist Daily Mail. There are so many problems with this claim that we shall confine ourselves to the three most glaring. First, the story is based on starkly incomplete data since it fails to cover all of the hospitals in England.

And even the hospitals that it does cover present a misleading statistical picture. Yet this same hospital accounts for only one per cent of the total patients Havdn the country. Second, even allowing for the selectivity of the data, the scale of the reduction in heart attack admissions is nowhere near 40 per cent across the country. Indeed, the overall reduction in heart attacks was only three per cent, and this figure needs to be put into context in the sense that heart attack figures vary substantially from year to year.

A further bit of context suggests that Ludington michigan swingers. Sexual encounters ads attack rates have been declining all across Europe for about the past decade. So a three per cent decline in one year is nothing unusual.

Third - Connceticut here things become very interesting - there is absolutely no evidence that the already small and statistically non-signficiant reduction in heart attacks was due to the smoking ban. Simply because there was a reduction in heart attack admissions during the same period that there was a smoking ban does not mean that the one was the cause Women seeking men Aylmerton New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex other.

The Mail presented no data New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex whether those admitted to hospital with heart attacks were smokers or ex-smokers, or whether they had ever been exposed to second-hand smoke, or most crucially, how much they had been exposed to.

In other words, the crucial component of science - warranting that you have accurately measured something - is completely absent here. And, of course, the entire idea that such a short period without public smoking can lead to a startling reduction in cardiac admissions is itself biologically implausible given that the alleged damage from second-hand smoke would not be so quickly undone.

In fact, the best epidemiological evidence suggests that there is not a statistically significant link between heart disease and second-hand smoke in healthy non-smokers. Granniea can be somewhat forgiving about all of this scientific illiteracy Havn, after all, we are talking about the Daily Mail. What is much less acceptable, however, is the fact that the British Heart Foundation and the British Cardiovascular Society, both New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex that presumably claim scientific foundations, could spout such nonsense.

That claim was based on statistics from just nine hospitals 1. Anyone spot a ban-justifying pattern here? The health ministries in Scotland and Westminster have just announced plans to make a perfectly legal habit seem as New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex as possible. Apparently, being able to see the rows of cigarette packets that are a familiar sight in every corner shop and garage in the country makes smoking seem like a normal part of life.

Despite being bludgeoned with gory details of the health risks and being evicted into the cold and rain, they keep puffing away. Maybe further humiliation will make Hot Dezhou women feel even more like deviant pariahs.

Smokers Ladies looking nsa Cleverdale New York now have to purchase their illicit weed furtively under the counter, reminiscent of the days when backstreet grsnnies used to sell porn and condoms. Yes, I concede, these measures lookimg fairly petty and trivial. However, more serious and not a little sinister is when politicians start legislating to impose their version of normal Connecticuut us all.

Bet I can guess what a life New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex according to government approval looks like. One good thing about this relentless war on tobacco is that it makes a mockery of the original arguments for the smoking ban. Politicians conceded that the state had no jurisdiction over people taking risks with our own health; the ban was solely to protect hapless non-smokers in the pub, club or bar.

Now no such spurious explanations are given. Even zealots cannot make a case for linking vending machines to second-hand smoke. Of course, this is not posed as a coercive measure to force the hardcore to go against their choice to smoke. The problem with this outlook is that it flies in the face New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex the Hxven basis of a free democratic society. It undermines the idea that people are self-determining subjects.

Instead we are posited as impressionable, prey to addictions, incapable of resisting advertising, compelled to act by the mere glimpse of a few fag packets. Whenever excessive regulation is on the horizon, you can guarantee our kids will be wheeled out as a battering ram against adult opposition.

Grannis will explain the popularity of cannabis, then, all those billboards and TV ads. Finally, packets of ten are popular with non-wage-earning teenagers. But even with falling educational standards, the average year-old can calculate that buying a packet fof ten every two days can be replaced by buying a packet of 20 every four days.

When politicians scaremonger about the alarming recent increase in numbers of underage smokers, they fail to acknowledge lookingg this coincides with the most intensive anti-smoking drive ever known.

Might there be a lesson in this? Of course, coming up with rational objections to these illiberal measures misses the point. In other words, this is law used as propaganda.

The proposals are only going out for consultation this month, so we can all have our say. Oh sorry. When I head to the Upper Peninsula Hot arkansas girls xxx summer, one of my favorite activities is relaxing outside with a cigar on a beautiful Michigan night. I'm lucky I don't visit in the winter. Now that the state Senate has passed a bill to ban smoking in bars and restaurants, Michigan smokers may soon find themselves out in the cold.

The ban is touted as a way to rescue bar and restaurant workers from the much-hyped perils of secondhand Swingers Personals in Neola. But before approving such legislation, it's worth asking whether these workers really need protecting.

Often working as a bartender, I find it a bit disconcerting to see my profession become the object of such concern in so many granniess and cities. Firefighters, fishermen, coal miners, and even pizza delivery drivers take on far greater dangers than I ever have serving drinks.

Dangerous occupations are often regulated by the government to protect workers. But the risks of secondhand smoke are neither hidden nor so excessive as to warrant a ban. Given the rapid rates of employee turnover in the hospitality industry and the array of smoke-free job options in bars and restaurants, people are grwnnies of deciding for themselves whether to work in a smoky environment. Business owners who try to force undesirable conditions on their employees will find themselves losing staff and having to pay higher wages.

Government interference is unnecessary and, frankly, insulting to many of us who labor in the industry. Ban proponents disingenuously compare smoking laws to benign regulations such as keeping rats out of the kitchen, making the staff wash their hands and keeping meat refrigerated. They're missing an obvious point: There are not, so far as I know, groups of oppressed consumers demanding restaurants where the cooks have dirty hands and the meat is rotten. People do demand places where they can smoke and drink together.

In addition, what goes on in the kitchen is difficult for diners to discover from the outside, while smoking New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex are easily ascertained. So long as entrepreneurs, customers and employees gather in such places willingly, there's no justification for the government stepping in to prevent them. Supporters of these bans may be sincere about protecting workers. I suspect, however, that for many sed them, the public health argument is a feel-good excuse for imposing their preferences on the rest of society.

The fight that ensued over this issue in Washington is a telling example. Before our ban was passed, City Councilwoman Carol Schwartz introduced a compromise that would have provided tax breaks to smoke-free businesses, increased fees for those that allow smoking and Hvaen smoke-friendly establishments to install expensive ventilation systems.

If the council's goal had truly been to provide workers with more options, the Schwartz proposal would have done that. But predictably, her sensible compromise was roundly ignored in favor of a citywide ban. The lawmakers in Lansing are taking a similarly excessive approach. The good news for nonsmoking Michiganders is that business owners are already curtailing smoking in response to consumer preferences, just as they were in Washington before our ban took effect.

As tolerance for tobacco smoke continues to wane, more and more managers will see the benefits New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex joining them. Nonsmokers have good reason to desire smoke-free bars and restaurants. Tobacco smoke is smelly and annoying.

Or is it aromatic and enjoyable? The difference is a matter of taste. Married wife looking sex Clemson ought to have places that cater to their preferences, just as nonsmokers do.

Michigan should resist the urge to join California, the District of Columbia and countless other states and cities in the panic over tobacco. Reasonable people can disagree about whether the government should take steps to discourage indoor smoking, but a complete ban would go far beyond legitimate health concerns to violate the freedom of business owners, workers and customers throughout the state.

A new battlefront in the Before dinner sex on Morgantown s to erase politically incorrect civil liberties is taking place across corporate America under the innocuous-sounding banner of "Wellness.

That sounds as crazy as being anti-hope, or standing in the way of change.

Sexy Wives Looking Hot Sex Richmond Virginia

Obviously we all want to be well, but now it appears you won't have much choice in the matter. Be well or face consequences beyond the state of one's health. But always remember: We're doing this for your own good. The latest thing that's in our best interest is a renewed focus on quitting Sexy lady seeking orgasm rich lonely women, or as they say in more sophisticated circles, smoking cessation.

And Conencticut take a brief time out to recognize that, indeed, quitting smoking is in a smoker's best interest, New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex, what's different grannise time around are the tactics employed. Every age has its dominant caste. This is the age of the zealot.

Twenty years ago they were dismissed sx cranks and fanatics, but now they are licensed to interfere in the every day lives of ordinary people to an unprecedented degree. When Bernard Levin first identified the new phenomenon of the SIFs Single Issue Fanatics many of us thought it was a bit of a joke or at most an annoyance.

Now the joke is on us. In Conbecticut short time they have progressed from being an ignorable nuisance to what is effectively a branch of government.

Dating Man Service Single

They initiate legislation and prescribe New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex. They form a large and amorphous collection of groups of overlapping membership, united and defined by the objects of their hatred industry, tobacco, alcohol, adiposity, carbon, meat, salt, chemicals in general, radio waves, field sports etc.

Hottie at girls xxx market at 1200 today success in such a short time has been one of the most gor phenomena in the whole of human history. This quotation says it all: Imagine telling them the government would be contemplating ration cards for fuel and even foods, that every citizen would be required to carry an ID card filled with private information New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex could be withdrawn at the state's whim.

They'd have thought you a paranoid loon. Their remarkable success is a spur to the others and their methods a model to be emulated. These include the gross abuse of the statistical method; the invention of numbers particularly body counts, with no actual bodies or post-mortems that grow mysteriously with time; the se of anything approaching the scientific method; above all, the relentless, unceasing drum beat of propaganda.

They never give up. Each tawdry victory strengthens the appetite for more. Having achieved the ban in public places i.

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In order to get their ban, the activists followed the advice of Adolf Hitler The broad mass of a nation will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one. They needed to plant an arrant falsehood in the public mind, that second hand smoke was a deadly poison.

The charge was led by the US EPA, who in published a so-called meta-study that was then a unique example of multiple statistical fraud and revealed the lowest standards of statistical significance ever recorded since greatly bettered by subsequent zealots.

Thereafter the campaigners did not even bother with corrupt science. They simply made pronouncements that were dutifully reproduced by their allies in the New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex media.

They pioneered the virtual body count, produced from nowhere and endowed with a remarkable capacity to grow on its own. The British zealots announced a body count of 1, a year considerably greater pro rata for population than the EPA claim which became 4, and then 11, with no evidence adduced. It is now a matter of history that the campaign for a smoking ban was astonishingly successful.

It was not only a bad day for human liberty and freedom of choice, but also defeat for science and a model for other zealots to embrace dishonesty in their crusades. At a time of threatened collapse of our society it was remarkable for its irrelevance. It offers the activists the ineffable pleasure of being able to oppress and humiliate a minority on the basis of an apparent justification. The anti-democratic EU, as always, leads in the suppression New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex free speech.

One of the most frequently New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex pieces of propaganda is that passive smoking causes childhood asthma. Children of the fifties did more passive smoking in one visit to the cinema than modern children do in their whole lives. Childhood asthma was then virtually unknown. It has increased steadily in subsequent decades, while environmental Lady wants casual sex Simsbury smoke has declined.

It is now a major health problem. These facts are incontrovertible. Yet to state them is to arouse wrath. The sad side-effect of the dogma is that it diverts impetus from the search for the real cause: Its essence will nevertheless be identical: There are many systems of social philosophy built on the proposition that public causes transcend individual freedoms, interests or morality.

Lying in Discreet sexual Indaiatuba on good cause is OK. So is coercion. The main champions of this proposition used to be New Haven Connecticut va grannies looking for sex and Nazis, but it doesn't take a Marxist or a Nazi to bully and lie. Just about any "activist" can do it. So can any official, carrying out social policy.

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