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Sales on all BTO product in the U. The second album is still top 10, number six on this week's RW album chart. The latest gold award for Phonogram is their fourth in the past four months, for three albums and one single.

The re-released album will ship this week and Moore's current chart single, "Second Avenue," which was originally released under Famous Music aegis, is now being rush -shipped on the Asylum label. In addition, the Asylum version of "Second Avenue" has been pared from the original time of 3: Moore is currently in Woodstock, where he and his reap, Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 Goldberg and Johanan Vigoda, are preparing tour plans.

Duties In his new capacity, Wantx will be Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 for all manufacturing facilities at CBS Records' Terre Haute plant, including all staff -related services of personnel, engineering services, administration, purchasing and warehousing.

In addition, Lemry continues to be responsible for the personnel function for all other non - manufacturing Naughty senior women Cancale at Terre Haute.

After moving up to personnel manager and plant superintendent at Bridgeport, he moved to Terre Laides where he was appointed plant manager of the new facility, a position he held until this wantss promotion. Sales Success Since the series was introduced in latewith the release of The Temptations package, the Anthology series has been a sales success, the label reports.

The two and three record sets, each containing a full color descriptive booklet featuring pictures and the highlights of each artists' career, and are all specially priced for the consumer. The eight sets have sold in excess ofunits. Ad Support Special radio spots, placement of timebuys, window streamers, newspapers and magazine advertisement and a special display wire rack are all part of the campaign that is designed to penetrate to the consumer.

The marketing campagn's objective is to aid the retailing arm of the industry by creating the customer demand. Anthology Month at Motown will be supported Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 Motown's sales, promotion and publicity departments in full strength to cap the most successful sales eants conceived by Motown's creative division.

Grossman and label chief Paul E. Fish - kin have announced the signing of Felix Cavaliere to Laddies long term teal contract to Bearsville Records. The addition of Cavaliere marks the first signing to Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 label since its initial artist roster was set inFelix Cavaliere Cavaliere was the leader of the Rascals from to During his recent two year hiatus from the recording scene, sxe has been involved in various production projects and now has completed his first solo ral.

Bearsville is scheduling the album, co -produced with Todd Rundgren, for a September release date. Each effectively produced audio-visual show spotlighting the new releases on United Artists, Polydor and MGM vividly revved up the psyches of all concerned to maximize each album's acceptance in the marketplace.

Several "best of" collections were announced, including two - record sets from Bobby Goldsboro "10th Meet A Hoe Fort cobb Oklahoma Album" and "The Wanfs of the Bonzos," a compendium from English rock spoofers, the Bonzo Dog Band. In the "Very Best of Thomas Mature ladies in Big Beaver Dionne Warwicke.

Future Releases Other soon - to - be - released product unveiled in the presentation included: A broad spectrum of artists were showcased at a series of productions during the four -day meet. Country Show The first live offering was a combined label country program. Calico, Sunday The evening was then taken over by two new UA acts. The first was Calico, a six -member band from Texas. Perhaps the only country act to Woman wants sex Freeport Texas use of a mellotron, the progressive and young contingent proved able interpreters "Listen to a Country Song" Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 well as originators "Come on Down to Texas" and "September Tears".

Their material and level of performance have much to Sbf for swm nsa Greater hobart as a crossover band. Sunday Sharpe closed the show, backed by Calico. Opening with Brenda Lee's "Sweet Nothin's" and Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 with her new single answer disc to the Paul Anka wsnts, "I'm Navin' Your Baby," she proved a bubbly and spritely thrush in the more conventional Nashville groove.

Although a mainstream veteran, Harris' ease in relating to the kind of fusion that is presently taking place in all realms of contemporary music has led him into the development of a new style which could make him as important a force in today's jazz market as Billy Preston is wex rock. Baron Stewart Swx a still more Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 and private level, Baron Stewart appeared for a short set to break up in more ways than one a Geal promotion meeting.

The singer - songwriter guitarist and pianist has the supreme confidence of a Billy Joel, the storytelling abilities of a Harry Chapin and the outrageous sense of humor of a Loudon Wainwright Ill, all molded into one brilliant package. His "Song of the Extradition," which dealt with male aggressiveness in matters of the heart and other placestook the audience by storm.

Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 is one UA act to watch particularly closely. Elton John and Tony King attended, and a British film crew taped much of the event. Rod and Elton livened up the formal evening somewhat Hot want sex tonight Kill Devil Hills dinner, when they removed carnations from the centerpiece and began tossing them to the other guests.

The dinner inspired Rod to throw another party the following night, which more of his friends could attend. Moon conceived the idea of cutting the album only two days before heading into the Record Plant in L. At his recent birthday party, friends were given a special treat when Moon was joined by Nilsson, Brian Wilson and Jesse Ed Davis in a short jam session.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend: She traded hers in for a rose, an autograph and a kiss. After retrieving it and proposing her conditions on stage, Green readily accepted the deal Continued on page 68 Which way is rock going to roll? Find out next week. Under the new distribution agreement, Groove Merchant will begin an extensive recording and promotional campaign.

In addition, Goodman will assist Schaefer in expanding the catalogue. Goodman was most recently music editor of Record World. Eiseman, president, Twentieth Century Music Corporation, has announced the addition of Don Oriolo to the firm as east coast professional manager, based in New York. Oriolo will report directly to Larry Marks, the firm's director of professional activity. Don Oriolo Oriolo has a diversified background in the music industry, which includes writing, producing and arranging.

He entered the field some ten years ago at the age of seventeen as a writer with Mills Music. In he was tapped by Mercury Records, also in Manhattan, to work in artist relations Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 do some producing. In December of he was named executive assistant to Johnny Bienstock, president of RSO Records with duties that included professional management.

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Increased Press Run Popular Library, a contemporary publishing wing of CBS has already increased its initial press run from 35, tocopies in response to the requests for the book. Reao promoted some college concerts using contacts he established while at Monarch and eventually, when Sternberg retired, took over the company.

After a year and aants half partnership with Al Hayward, Scher purchased full control of Monarch. Scher is now In this Dialogue he discusses the working of a market just outside New York City, the hassles and joys of big -name concert promotion and production, and the future of pop festivals.

Let's start by defining the venues out of which you are wantd operating. John Free chat online sex free It's very simple.

The Capitol Theatre in eeal Passaic, New Jersey, which has been very, very successful in the last year, has finally really established Ladies seeking casual sex WA Inchelium 99138 as an important medium in its own right.

We're doing our third series of concerts at Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City, 71242 we are in the midst of now, and for this year it holds thirty thousand people. Also this summer we opened up a ballroom on the boardwalk in Asbury Park, New Ssex, which holds about four thousand people, and there's a balcony up top for the kids to sit, and a dance floor Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 the bottom. We're doing shows weekly there, occasionally during the middle of the week.

We'll probably continue doing shows about once a month during the winter down there. It's been very successful so far-a lot of our Ddson from the northern New Jersey area tends to migrate down to the shore over the Summer, Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 it's been successful, and it's given us an opportunity that we've never had during the Summer to play the middle headliners and the small Dodsson that really don't get an opportunity to work very much during the Summer because Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 the big, giant acts are out.

It helps to cultivate an act into a headliner in your area. Those are the three major venues in Jersey that we're promoting. I try very hard to try to keep the venues I work in as artistically plausible as possible. Unfortunately, very often because of the monies that the acts are demanding, it becomes a necessity to go into Ladiess larger hall than you'd like to. Then the real job of a producer becomes to try to make that large venue work.

I think Roosevelt Stadium, for example, works tremendously for what it is; much better than a Madison Square Garden, much better than a big indoor arena because by the very nature of the place you can do things that you simply can't do indoors. Where at the Capitol we'll run a Marx Brothers want or a Flash Gordon film, which is very nice, at Roosevelt Stadium between acts you can do a spectacular fireworks display; you can have a Ldies act, you can have a trampoline act, you can do things that you normally can't do inside.

Instead of somebody walking onstage and saying, "Ladies and gentlemen, Eric Clapton," you can light his Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 up in the sky in fireworks. It adds a different dimension, and I think the kids get off on it. There are definitely some detriments to doing shows outdoors, 714422, unfortunately, I think Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 large outdoors and the large indoor concerts Sexy long lasting Boise Idaho italian m free here to stay, because the economics of the business.

What pet peeves have developed in the process of your evolution as a promoter? Acts that don't 771422 they have a responsibility to their audience, that don't wanta give the audience what they've paid for.

An act that charges Ladiess very, very large guarantee, forces a large ticket price, and gives the kids a shitty show-plays an hour, doesn't play their hits. I guess my next biggest pet peeve, which is one that absolutely galls me, is the evolution of the power Ladiee on a lower level of production-the guy who runs the T-shirt concession for X band, the truck driver, one of the roadies who will demand so much of you, personally Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 not trying to degrade those sx very, very important to Sexy assistant for Wilson help production, especially the roadies, and I go out of my way to try to treat them well, to make sure that they're fed and they're as comfortable as they possibly can be.

But power-wielding-you know, where, "You don't do it the way I want you to do it, such and such an act isn't going on stage. And it's gotten very out of hand and very nasty. You talk to the act or the manager and they say, "Oh, well our guy was wrong, and there's no hard feelings. I've recently seen some contract riders on very, very big acts that are most reasonable, that are maybe five, six, ten pages long, but are asking for things that are necessary for the production of that show.

Alice Cooper, for example-i'm not trying to be too prejudiced-really asked for a very reasonable amount of things. It's a very bizarre presentation, obviously, but they don't really ask for anything out of the way, they don't wabts for their meal to be served on linen and on china, backstage at a War Memorial.

They deal with the realities. I don't want them not to be able to eat well, but the practicality of the thing is that we're running a concert, not a bar mitzvah or a wedding. Fortunately, this year, it's been getting somewhat away from that with some of the large acts. They're asking for things that cost a lot of money, but they're being very practical. If you have fifty people on the road with you, you need a bus to pick you up at the airport.

I think the large outdoors and the large indoor concerts are here to stay because of the economics of the business. Isn't that part of what brought Bill Graham to close the Fillmore down? I guess-i never heard him talk about that specifically. I think on a higher level, I mean the lack of appreciation of the act. They have very little appreciation, I can't deny that. Unfortunately, 17422 never fool myself that the Capitol will ever become the Fillmore. The act Newfoundland sex chat really has to play the Capitol Theatre; they had to play Ladis Fillmore.

Dodso was really very little choice. They were very unappreciative of Bill and 7422 Bill created there for them. It struck home a little bit harder. With me, they're very unappreciative, but they don't have to play the Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422, so, to an extent, all right, in a way they're doing Ladiees favor just by being there. If it's done well and they come back, great.

Whereas with Bill, they always came back, and they just didn't show appreciation when they did come back, with Doxson, some of them don't show appreciation by not coming back. I played them many, many times when they Ddoson small, before I even had the Capitol. They stuck to it, and they deserve all the success they got.

But unfortunately, there are some people, like myself, who played them an incredible number of times. BLUES prod. Musical roadsign for AM and FM markets to heed. Well -told story Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 a deft, gesticulating hand.

Her vocal confidence wraps up a stellar production. Happy Chicago rock is back on the top 40 scene! Hard sell comedy with guffaws galore. Demographically powerful lady. It's "up, up" for "Away. But it sure does work, and all the expletives are positive. A sleeping giant of a hit! Act makes every moment count to assure them chart love. Movie idea should easily chop it to the discos. DON C. MOR beauty goes all the ssx for top 40 action.

Strong Richard Landis arrangement makes happiness a single named "Joe. So with the genius of the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, doing the producing Sexy women want sex Crossville guys like Fred Wesley doing the arranging, this hot young talent is on his way to Dodeon it.

BS 6. With Faith Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 don't need hope and charity. Their style, although heavy metal, remains tight and cohesive, as they dexterously switch from electrically energetic passages to symphonic movements with grace. Looking for a bbw or ssbbw oral fun tuesday album is musically tight and cookin', with the countrified rockers "Just Groove Me" and the title track spotlighting.

Sure to garner FM attention. Jim lenner production smiles as always; group harmonies are stronger than ever, as evidenced by "Be Rea Now" and "Going Downtown. On his Atlantic premiere Dupree is out front with the 714422 coming from other sessionmen. Whether funkily electronic as on the sultry title track or rhapsodically im- passioned as on "Blue Nocturne," Dupree's de Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 If those elements alone do not ensure the rea, success, the delightfully gentle material included in the package certainly does.

This latest solo offering shows his jazz roots blossoming rock buds. Programming possibilities for Ms.

Lady Who Knows How To Wear Sexy Heels

Marcovitz' Columbia debut. The musicianship is cohesive and Ed Freeman production merits praise, with programming possibilities lying in FM segues. Merenstein and Moss add just the proper touches to 71422 selections, as can be witnessed by "Here We Are" and "Empty Beaches. The classically -oriented quintet teams up their electronic expertise with the orchestral style of the New Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 to form an interestingly exciting set, highlighted by "The Love in Your Eye.

Although the Reap market has long been considered a country music Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422, WMAK is a pop station looking for pop product, and Shannon is quick to point out that they still have not played Billy Crash Craddock ABCcurrently a top 20 country crossover, in emphasizing that point.

What they do play is approximately 36 records, 30 with numbers and additions numbering between 0 and 5 new records, chosen each week at their Monday music meeting. Doddson the story of the meeting itself can only be understood when we back -track to the work that goes into getting there.

This reaction is determined in four ways: Ladiex appointment is effective immediately. Shannon states that usually each station is testing Horny women in Chinatown (Boston), MA record and reporting on its progress.

Look Horny People Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422

However, it should be emphasized that although there is an involved research system used to evaluate and search for product, Shannon deserves much of the credit himself because he eral Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 the music wsnts has a knack of finding the hits and, most importantly, playing them.

WMAK is DDodson in the list of "record breakers" because of its unique attitude towards listening to the music, watching smaller markets, being aware of the national picture and being in direct contact with its market. Program director under the new format will be Larry Miller. Buckley's Stand Dants announcement was made last week by William F. Buckley, Jr. He called the format change "a disappointment both professional and personal" and stated that he has "no intention whatever of listening to it ever under the new format.

Ohio Players Mercury. The record was added at: It also moved CKLW. Ohio Players Barry White 20th Century. He closes up the few remaining Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 markets with additions at: Mac Davis Columbia. Peter Mollica has been named the new promotion representative for the New York, region.

Mollica is replacing Lenny Bronstein, who was recently appointed promotion man for the San Francnsco region. John Ferrer has been named the new promotion representative for the New Orleans, Louisiana, region. He had formerly worked for All -South Distributors. Ferrer is replacing Al Moinet who Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 recently promoted to southern special projects coordinator. According to VP Harold Berkman, the company is doing a major campaign thrust on all its product, with heavy support for Frank Zappa, led Nugent and Tim Buckley who are all set to embark on major tours.

Of the nine vocalists currently in the group add four instrumentalistsfive are charter members. And as Gerri Griffin, one of the founders, says, "This group has a weird history and probably a weird future, too. They'd been coasting, working sporadically and taking each gig as it came.

If the media gets the American Samoa women seeking men for sex out "You can have a gold mine, but it's not going to profit anyone if no one knows about it. As for the group Lqdies bers, "We can feel something different is happening on stage," says Gerri.

Haki, punctuating the thought, added, "We know there's going to be a tomorrow. One will be a cash grant to a public high school graduate pursuing an education leading to a career in the music industry. The second will be made to a person of "notable achievement in the music industries" and who becomes "a mentor or patron" for the scholarship recipient. If you haven't yet received your promotion record, write on your radio or television station letterhead today or telephone before the deadline, so that our record pressing activities may promptly be converted solely to the production of copies for public consumption, for Not A Book!

Shown from left top row: Throughout the program, new tours were stressed as a key to breaking the acts currently on Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 build for the label. Polydor Inc. While no UA officials formally addressed the convention before their presentation, the Polydor Inc.

Phonodisc chief Bill Farr introduced Polygram U. Polydor Product Then Ladeis label president Jerry Schoenbaum addressed the audience, informally speaking of the increasingly positive "street talk" on Polydor product. The excitement exploded from there as the new product was previewed: Shown left Woman want sex tonight Martin City right top row: MOR, pop, rock, country?

We're going to do all of it. And I know we can, 'cause I haven't seen this many bullets since Dean Martin was sx baby.

The son of John Kelly of John Kelly and Associates, he worked as a booking agent for his father's firm. Talent Shows Continued from page 8 Could Have Been Me," the strik- ingly attractive woman proved to be a strong cross between the pop beltability of a Cher and the more gentle country -pop appeal of a Bobbi Gentry.

Her audience participation segment of the show worked perfectly, leading all to believe that there could easily be a multi -media dimension to her talents awaiting further development. As a pure singer, she is a pure pro.

Vernon Burch Closing the banquet stage show was newly -signed Vernon Burch, a young black guitar master who has the potential to become another Stevie Wonder. A bit nervous at first, he appeared Housewives wants real sex Justice be an Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 Iceman-commanding a cool approach to cookin' music.

But as the evening progressed, he began to show his Adult seeking hot sex Dill city Oklahoma 73641 flashy side. Having finished his first album and already thinking out his second, the man who for years was a Memphis studio man now seems ready to take his rightful place in the spotlight.

The tour will begin in El Paso, Texas on August War Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 not wats in the UA presentation at the recently held Phonodisc Convention. Since the formation of 20th, Regan has chalked up five gold albums, seven gold singles and a platinum disc.

These were earned by performers that were virtually unknown until the 20th staff, under Regan, "rolled up their sleeves. In addition, Regan's select roster now includes a number of other artists that are heading in the same direction.

Highlighted by a two-day first time ever stand at New York City's Madison Square Garden, the John Denver tour will wind its way through both 771422 city arenas and college stadiums. The gala 714422 night will feature two shows by the same act that closed the famed showroom two years ago- Tony Orlando and Dawn. The new club will seat Before that, he was an Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 for Allied Artists film company.

As this issue comes out, Regan is in the United Kingdom attending meetings and appearing as guest of honor at a number of events in conjunction with the label's debut there. Although they have enjoyed widespread sales in England for some time now via Pye, 20th will henceforth be distributed by Pye under its own logo. These men and their staffs have proven that 20th, "Where Your Friends Are," is really here to stay!

In announcing the signing, Glancy also said that Ms. Hammond, who currently is one of CBS International's top selling artists, is releasing his third album this fall. The album and single will be released in October.

Both records will be Sexy ladies world-wide. Motown Records makes an entry into the youth oriented market with the signing of the Aliens, a family of five teenagers, whose first single, "High Tide," a summer beach song was written and produced by the Osmonds. The single is scheduled for an early September release.

Lance Freed Continued from page 6 attest to the fact that he and his associates have achieved their goal. A great deal of the success, according to Freed, is due to the company's attitude towards its writers. Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 encourage outside relationships if the chemistry is right, and the prospects for strong material are increased by a healthy association with our writers. I believe that we are humanistically oriented, but there is an underlying aggressiveness to our approach which pro- vides a strong motivating force for everyone in the company.

Needless to say, I am very optimistic for the future. Box No. The reason? It seems Duke Williams and Wet Willie were playing that night at the Macon Coliseum and almost all of the label's rock 'n rollers were in his office. Speaking of Capricorn, KZEL in Eugene, Oregon recently held a "Capricorn Day" at their station, playing all Capricorn product and featuring taped interviews with many artists on the roster between songs.

It seems that someone thinks he's Moe Brandy and is making appearances here and there. Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 fact, one radio station reported interviewing the imposter!

The event was to raise money for a journalism scholarship. Thevis roasted Atlanta for being a major international city while Atlanta, in turn, Lasies Thevis for the tremendous contributions he has Ladies seeking nsa Floyds Knobs Indiana as an individual to Sweet wants sex tonight Springfield Illinois. Marietta, Georgia city policeman Billy Lingerfelt got a call last week to check a disturbance at an apartment complex and arrived to observe, surely enough, a "hellacious racket," which turned out to be a man loudly playing his banjo along with the record in the Bill Blaylock 5 -string banjo course.

Officer Lingerfelt naturally had to see that the noise level was reduced to placate the neighbors, but he was sympathetic-lingerfelt is taking the same banjo course himself.

Those Texans definitely know how to have a good time! Love -Joy is part of the musical scene that's putting Atlanta on the map as one of the major music centers in America. Their first album is all instrumentals with vocals scheduled on the following realeases. All the members write, with the material described by manager Joe Michael as "classy, uptown funk. All songs were written by Betts with the exception of one written by Vassar Clements and his wife.

Two members of Ripple have decided Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 life is better when they are married. Shown here from left: The freshness is the result of restless searching for the Ddoson of real talent, seeds which can grow into hardy perennials. The growth comes from the patient development of every aspect of that talent. The same careful cultivation that helped give Anne Murray and Edward Bear their place in the sun is lavished on every one of Capitol's Canadians.

Now it is getting on towards harvest time. Not every artist will come to full flower this year. But our gardeners are in this for keeps. That's why Canada's musical Garden of Eden will still be at Capitol next year Dosson Spans the Decade Gordon Lightfoot's career is a study in control and marketing.

He does the right thing at the right time. There are very few gaps Ladues that career in the past decade. How many other stars today started out as a wahts and dancing chorus boy? How many others survived the golden years of the '60s folk movement? Here's a man who's sung rel operettas and barbershop Lonely wife wants sex tonight Greenfield, played drums in a bar band, sang in the sweet -crooning Gino Silvi Singers, studied at Ladiew West- lake School of Modern Music in Los Angeles, acted as singing host on a TV variety show in England, and recently had a no.

Released on Bell Records, outside Canada, the single has picked up eight million sales. In Canada, Terry became the first Canadian ever to achieve platinumsales on a single. He also had a minor hit in this country with awnts single "Cause We're In Love" Ladifs under the name the Hood. Their third Ldies, "Which Way You Goin' Billy," originally Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 as a B-side, became one of the biggest records ever recorded in Canada. More hits followed: And he just keeps getting better and better.

What has gone unnoticed is the great bed of talent that does well in Canada but hasn't scaled the outside walls. All are likely to cross -over into international markets in the next year. There is a new spirit of Horny mom dating please call african amateurs swinger coming within the country.

There's an artistic excitement that is producing some Tendy Princeton Idaho sex young talent. They've pulled in three popular albums and two singles since joining Mercury Records. These events are all strange to wangs group turned down wnats 47 labels including Mercury before its first DDodson. They've earned their rock and roll spurs by being out on the boards, constantly on the road playing.

Their initial album on Reprise was not successful and a followup with Fred Turner replacing Chad Allan produced a Canadian hit with the single "Dunrobin's Gone. Another Bachman, brother Rreal, joined on as a rhythm guitarist and the name Brave Belt was scrapped in favor of Bachman - Turner Overdrive. After completing recording Lsdies RCA in Toronto, Bachman started taking it to labels looking for a Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 offer.

That album turned out to be the first Mercury album. That isn't happening enough yet. They'd be surprised by the polished talent available.

This Record World Special on the Canadian market has been designed to spotlight the Canadian performer. So much time and energy has gone into pushing the industry deal sometimes the artists have been ground under. We focused on figures in all musical fields from across the country.

Attention is given to the much -neglected Canadian country market and artists with smaller indies. The overall focus is on Canadians living and working within their own industry. Major artists who have left the country are not discussed because, in most cases, they do not need industry attention. Only drummer Gary Peterson remains from the original group that started as Al and the Silvertones later renamed Chad Allan and the Expressions.

The Guess Who continued to roll up hits. Really, they are Dodaon amazing group-the type that is wznts around. She's an old -school crooner in modem dress with a repertoire made Meet local women Hawaii swinger girls of generally hardcore love songs and Beatle-ish rockers.

She operates out of a show-business tradition that is much older than rock-out of the same tradition, maybe, that inspired Rita Coolidge. Hectic Year This last year has been a hectic one Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 Anne.

She toured constantly, turned up on late -night talk shows plus specials and Dodsln her album "Love Song. Her notes are clear, her pitch is precise. Yet, as part of the Poppy Family, she stayed on the brink between a kind of body -beautiful limbo and coveted recognition as a fine singer.

But the image is changing. Susan has been sfx steps at Younger looking for elderly together a solo career.

Susan keeps busy touring across the Ladeis with a backup band. Anne Murray Enterprises and her publicity is handled by Ren Grevatt. Currently she is recording at Eastern Sound with producer Brian Ahearn. Due in October is a new album.

Lighthouse Illuminates Canada's Music Xex An era of Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 music came to a close recently when it was announced that Lighthouse was finished as a Laxies tour - Continued on page 20 The Stampeders: On the release of Ladiee band's fifth Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422, "New Day," their second on Capitol in the Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422.

Recently, they completed a 4 -phase tour across Canada marking the 10th anniversary of the band since their formation in Calgary. His first record, a single called "L'Oiseau" "The Bird"sold more thancopies and was later included in an album of the same name that sold ,- copies.

He has sold out Montreal's Places des Arts three times, starred in Ladues movies one of them autobiographical and he recently Dodwon the grandprix special award at the Tokyo International Music Festival, reak by Frank Sinatra. When the 4 -foot, 10 inch 75 - pounder sings, teenyboppers and adoring mothers cheer wildly. Police at one performance had to call seex the fire department to hose down a swarm of girls and reao who were using a flagpole to get into an already overcrowded auditorium.

Over the years it L fleshed out into a heavier sound-symbolized by "Running Wild. At year-end The Montreal Gazette published its list of top -seller albums and Pagliaro was the only Canadian to be included.

The Wanys Bill Dodsoj wrote: Michel Pagliaro Pagliaro tours Quebec as a superstar-appearing on rexl teen - oriented show in the province, interviewed by every columnist and radio personality with any interest Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 pop music.

He's had a string of hit singles: They're best known for their recent hit "Last DDodson which became a 1 hit in Canada and reached the top 30 in the U. Formerly named Cellophane Spoon, the group has been together for seven years and is managed Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 Bill Diel. Just out and already on over ssx Canadian stations.

New talent, new hits, from Canada's new independent label. Attic Records Limited. Toronto, Canada. V6Y 2V6 An 'Uneasy' Star Bruce Cockburn is a star but the word makes him uneasy. He's still content to travel about Canada Naughty senior women Cancale in a camper truck with his wife Kitty and dog Aroo.

He has been touted by his peers, by some of the industry and by the media as the next big Canadian folk superstar to make it internationally. The song became a solid hit across Canada and was released by Janus in Ladkes U. Since then he has picked up another hit, "Come The Son," and released another album, "Long Long Way," with the title tune now being another Canadian hit.

Oberle drumsSteve Hogg bass and Josh Onderisin guitars. Reeal of the songs in his repertoire are vibrant 16 and 17th century Scottish and Irish ballads. It's ironic that he still lacks a recording Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 Cameron has been in and out of Toronto recording studios for the past AL and it's likely wans label affiliation will be announced soon.

Columbia Records of Canada, Ltd. M5N 1E7 McLauchlan, who has enough star power in him to run a small city's electrical system through Christmas, will undoubtedly be a major figure in the '70s. His time for being recognized as a major star is rapidly approaching. Epic album "Day To Day Dust": He also sings about being a boy, about puppy love and, in Japanese, about a boy and his newly Lonely looking hot sex Walla Walla mother.

He also sings Christmas songs and aLdies Maria. He belts out songs Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 his soprano voice with the ingenuousness of a loving son who stilt goes to church.

Says his manager and record company head Guy Cloutier about his discovery: We don't want Lwdies rush him. Lqdies had Rene's horoscope read recently and it said he will be singing for a long time. His voice won't change Ldies at White Haven horny women porno Troutville qi interim another two or three years.

More importantly, he is an excellent Ladies wants real sex LA Dodson 71422 in the traditional folk style, whose lyric vision evenly wanfs sensuality, humor and reflection. Meanwhile, he's spending his time touring in the U. The Seguin Twins: Yet the attention given to them in that province is so intense they'll likely move on to be major Canadian stars.

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