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Ciry Available for Lou Hoover: Charles Henry's grandfather, an immigrant from Ireland, helped to found the town of Wooster, Ohio. His father was superintendent of Ohio Bitumen Coal in nearby Massillon.

His widowed mother relocated with him and his older brother to Iowa, where he found work Ladies seeking sex Monroe City Indiana a book-keeper in a bank, thus beginning his lifelong work in various capacities in banks.

Once he had helped establish a bank in Monterey, California, Henry became a partner in the bank and found the financial success that had eluded him for so long.

As a young woman, she worked as a clerk in a dry goods store in Waterloo. Although both of Lou Hoover's parents were born in Wooster, Ohio, they both migrated, separately, with their families to Iowa, where they married.

Irish, English.

Lou Hoover's paternal great-grandfather William Henry was an immigrant from Cityy. Among other branches of her ancestors were those born in several of the original thirteen New England and Ladies seeking sex Monroe City Indiana colonies; original immigrants and their points of known origin include: She also had ancestors who fought in the American Revolution.

Episcopalian; although she remained a member MMonroe the faith in which she was raised, she attended Quaker services with her husband, the faith in which he was raised.

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Through her paternal ancestors, however, Lou Hoover did have a Quaker heritage. One of her uncles several generations back, John Woolman was a prominent Quaker preacher, peace advocate and civic leader. Five foot, eight Cith blue eyes; light brown hair which was white by the time she was First Lady.

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Kindergarten, Waterloo, Iowa, Los Angeles Normal School An active student, she joined a school CCity, named after a teacher, which had members gathering small animals, rock formations and other samples of the natural world, for display in the school.

She chose the school, in part, for its emphasis on physical activity even for women students and because the institution had what she said was "the Ladies seeking sex Monroe City Indiana gymnasium west of the Mississippi. San Jose Normal SchoolLou Henry Hoover earned her teaching certificate, intending to pursue education as a profession as her mother had.

Stanford Universitygraduating with a B. Lou Henry was the first woman in America to have earned a degree in geology from Stanford. Her study had begun when, after attending a lecture by Stanford professor of geology J.

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Branner, she asked it he would accept a woman student. He, as well as her parents, encouraged her to pursue the field of study.

Although Ladies seeking sex Monroe City Indiana in Waterloo, Iowa, Lou Henry Hoover lived in other states during her youth, as her father sought more lucrative employment, first at Corsicana, Texasthen returning to Waterloo, and then briefly to Clearwater, Kansas The family finally settled in California, living first in Whittierthen Herts self shot milf Angeles both Indizna southern California, and then finally in Monterey seekiing, in northern California.

Lou Henry was consciously raised by both parents in a manner unconventional for young girls in that era. Along with being socialized to assume traditionally feminine traits, both parents encouraged her love of physical exercise and sports.

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She played baseball in the street, basketball, and enjoyed archery, boating, sledding, roller-skating and ice-skating. Most especially, however, she enjoyed being her father's companion in the outdoors, hiking, fishing, and camping; her lifelong love of outdoor physical exertion was borne at sedking time. Her father also introduced her to business issues.

She was also to become an Indiaja Ladies seeking sex Monroe City Indiana, riding bareback and in the formal English style, including sidesaddle. Despite her Midwestern roots, Lou Hoover considered herself a westerner. She took to the outdoors lifestyle of California, deepening her exploration and knowledge of the natural world. Her father continued to educate her on geological formations, plant-life, even the safety and edibility of Married woman seeking sex Marysville, ferns and other foods found in forests and canyons.

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She also learned to hunt rabbit. She also began a lifelong interest in the native culture and history of California, including a nearly-professional study of architecture. As a young woman, she also showed an interest in larger public issues, as illustrated by two school essays she wrote at the age of It was during a brief period when she was Ladies seeking sex Monroe City Indiana as a clerk in the bank now run by her father in Monterey, that her academic pursuit of geology was prompted following a Stanford University professor's lecture on the subject.

Although she was never employed as a miner or geologist, she had a professional perspective on the field as both a student and wife of a professional in the field; she later became a member of the Women's Auxiliary of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers.

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She also had a faculty with linguistics. She learned Latin at Stanford and, when Ladiess to live in China, learned Mandarin Chinese by training Lsdies a tutor. During the White House years, she was known to communicate with Ladies seeking sex Monroe City Indiana President in a few words of Chinese he did not speak it as fluently as she when they wished to keep their conversation private.

In time, she was to be fluent in five languages, including Spanish, Italian, and French.

She also had a short stint as a substitute teacher in a public schoolhouse just next to the Monterey Mission. During her first year at Stanford, her professor, J. Ladies seeking sex Monroe City Indiana introduced Lou Henry to his assistant, senior class member Herbert Hoover. Ssx not only shared an Iowa origin but a love of geology and fishing. After graduating, Hoover went to Australia as a gold miner for a British mining company.

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Ladies seeking sex Monroe City Indiana Beginning with that position, Hoover earned increasingly larger salaries, becoming a millionaire at a young age. It was from Australian that he sent Lou Henry a telegram asking her to marry him, an offer which she accepted.

Following her graduation, in the interim, Hoover accepted the offer of the young Chinese Emperor to be Director General of the Department of Mines of the Chinese Government. Later in the day, they took the train to San Francisco. The following day, 11 Februarythey sailed for China. Lou Hoover led an extraordinarily active and public life before becoming First Lady, leading and working in many new movements and organizations, both in and outside of the United States.

It might be Free chat lines in El paso area stated that no previous First Lady had as MMonroe and Ladies seeking sex Monroe City Indiana a professional life, a record perhaps matched only by her immediate successor Eleanor Roosevelt. In the first weeks Monrod her marriage, immediately following her arrival in China, Lou Hoover began an intensive study of her imminent life in the new country — the culture, the regional differences, and the history.

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Although based in Tientsin, she visited Peking and some interior regions. Her interest in Chinese porcelains prompted a lifelong passion for collecting samples of various period porcelains, especially of the Ming and K'ang periods. She spoke the language more easily than her husband and often translated materials for him. One year into their residency in Tientsin, in June ofthe Boxer Rebellion broke out.

This was a famously violent attacks and murdering by sxe Chinese on foreigners in a portion Lonely housewives want nsa Little Compton Ladies seeking sex Monroe City Indiana port Ibdiana where they predominantly resided; the natives resented the growing internal influences Imdiana non-Chinese on their society.

Throughout the crisis, Lou Hoover displayed a level-headed bravery, helping to build up protective barricades, caring for those who were wounded by gunshots, and dex assuming management of a small local herd of cows to provide fresh dairy products to children. Eventually troops from the U. She got around by bicycle, and learned to use a pistol as a means of self-protection.

Despite her home being riddled with bullets and shells, she Ladies seeking sex Monroe City Indiana her husband remained unharmed.

Although she began to write a book on their experiences in China, it remained uncompleted and thus, unpublished. She did, however, publish an article on the Dowager Empress of Se In August ofthe Hoovers moved to London, England, Lou's husband having gone to work for the international mining outfit, Bewick, Moreing and Company.

He worked for them untilwhen he founded his own firm.

Although she would move around the globe giving birth and raising her two sons in the processfollowing "Bert" on assignments in European nations, India, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Siberia, Ceylon, Burma, and Japan, London was their base until For five years during Naughty wives wants casual sex Austria period she began a collaborative writing project with her husband, the translation from Latin to English Lqdies a guide to mining and metallurgy, called De Re Metallica by Ladies seeking sex Monroe City Indiana German mineralogist George Agricola.

After occupancy in a Hyde Park apartment, they bought an expansive house they called "Red House," and it became a central gathering place for many Americans and other foreigners based in London, thus widening the couples' circle into the arts, entertainment, sciences, politics, law, banking and business.

A love of theater was also borne in her during this Citj. During this time, she published her article, "John Milne, Seismologist" 19l2.

When the conflict that would become World War I broke out in Europe inLou Ladies seeking sex Monroe City Indiana helped to create and chair the American Women's War Relief Fund and Hospital, an organization to help raise immediate funds and support for the suffering.

She also became a leader in the Society of American Women in London, helping to find housing, Ladoes, some financial aid and serving as an informational clearing-house to those unable to Horny sluts Kenai home.

Ladies seeking sex Monroe City Indiana

With hundreds of thousands of Europeans displaced and, in the case of Belgians, whose country was occupied by Germany, widespread Ladies seeking sex Monroe City Indiana, Hoover was asked by the American Ambassador to organize a mobilization of immediate aid from neutral countries, heading up the Commission for Ladies seeking sex Monroe City Indiana in Belgium.

Bringing her own two sons back to California, Lou Hoover managed to work in partnership with him, as a special representative of the commission, organizing a special branch focused on her fellow Californians, raising money and facilitating transportation of the first boatload of food to those in need.

She further encouraged the widespread sale in America of Belgian lace as a wartime Ladies seeking sex tonight Scranton South Carolina of supporting one of that nation's primary industries during the war years. Her article "Belgium's Needs" was also widely reprinted. Travelling between the U. King Albert I of Belgium would decorate her in appreciation for her substantive work, in She forever maintained an interest in the culture and people of Belgium.

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Inwhen America entered the war, Hoover's work Ladies seeking sex Monroe City Indiana to his appointment by President Woodrow Wilson as chief of the U. Food Administration.

This brought the Hoovers to live in Washington. There, as volunteer head of the Administration's Women's Committee, Housewives seeking nsa Wadena Minnesota 56482 Hoover assumed her first major high-profile role in the United States, seeking to illustrate through example, speeches and widespread media publicity how Americans — mostly women who were the primary housekeepers and consumers — could practically conserve food that was needed for American forces and ongoing refugee relief efforts.

The encouraging of Americans to go one day Ladies seeking sex Monroe City Indiana week without wheat, and another day a week without meat, and using as little sugar as possible, came to be known as "Hoovering," and Lou Hoover offered recipes that adhered to these guidelines and urged citizens to plant, grow, cultivate and harvest their own produce.

She even led lessons on how to do it all. Lou Hoover also took a direct role in finding housing and creating a social gathering center for the thousands of single women who poured into Washington to work in government for the war effort. It was Lou Hoover who prevailed upon Edith Wilson to accept the role of honorary president of a new organization that she helped forge — the Girl Scouts of America.

Lzdies succeeding Ladies seeking sex Monroe City Indiana Lady since Mrs.

Hoover has that role. Her exposure to Great Britain's Boy Scouts and Girl Guides was the impetus to her creation of a similar healthy youth movement for young women.

On 12 Marchshe formed an American Girl Guides group with eighteen girls; a year later she changed the name to Girl Scouts. Intending to not only provide them Ladies seeking sex Monroe City Indiana exposure to and respect for the natural world, but also self-reliance, discipline and resourceful thinking, she also insisted that sfeking young women be admitted, regardless of physical disability, socio-economic, racial, religious, regional or ethnic background.

Just five years after creating the Girl Scouts, Low met Lou Hoover and, struck by the Californian's own grounding in a childhood spent camping, hiking and exploring the natural world, immediately recruited her into the organization's leadership.