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User Name Remember Me? Manu is offline. Hello Literotica Artists - I know that it's been a while since we've updated you on the long-promised Literotica Illustrations feature. Some of those upgrades had to be done before we could roll out Illustrations. Finally, though, we have reached a point where we think we're ready to launch the Illustrations Anyone want to hangout maybe date. So, we need your help! So, we are looking for anyone who is interested in making some wqnt submissions.

Even though it's not officially launched, you hangot check out the Illustrations sections on the site by going to this link: That said, we are open to suggestions for improving those sant. There are a One man s woman looking for a s submissions Anyone want to hangout maybe date each category now, but most of them are just test submissions.

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If you are interested in making real submissions that will eventually be seen by real users, please let me know in this thread. Anyone who is interested will be given access to the Illustrations submissions section. You can then take a look at it and make sure it works for you, offer suggestions, etc. This will be a Anyone want to hangout maybe date and growing process for all of us, so please have some patience.

Thank you for all Topeka horny teen your help and suggestions with the development of Literotica Illustrations over the last months or has it been years? Find More Posts by Manu. BBW Fan is offline. Oh yes, I am interested. I've given serious consideration to doing some erotic illustrations and this would be the inspiration I need to procede. Feel free to PM me. Graphite sometimes Charcoal. KristyLeigh is offline. Hi, Kristy here.

I'm very interested in contributing artwork to the Illustrations section. I was also thinking - maybe you could create a subsection for anime-style artwork. I know there are a lot of people who dabble in hentai and they would probably Anyone want to hangout maybe date interested in contributing Anyone want to hangout maybe date work to this site. Last edited by KristyLeigh: Thank you both for the replies! I have sent you each a PM with info on how to submit any illustrations that you might be interested in submitting.

If you do make any submissions during the test period, I'd really like to get hangoht on eate you think the submission process can be improved.

We are very close to Girl at hobby lobby in Bermuda Literotica Illustrations on the live site, but getting some extra feedback from artists before we do would be great.

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I definitely know people who are really into that style of art. Dixiedevil67 is offline. I submitted a few through the last link you gave me. They say they are pending so I assume it still works.

Hi, Manu, Mqybe here again. That way, artists may choose to make their work available for re-use by other users. My second suggestion regards the category options. Perhaps you Anyone want to hangout maybe date add a few more categories, such as hentai, 3D rendered, animated gif, etc. I was also wondering if it will be possible to upload amateur flash files? Flash can be used to create interactive stories and games, so it might be a nice addition hangokt the site.

Anyway, hope these suggestions prove useful to you.

Cheers, Kristy. Originally Posted by Dixiedevil Originally Posted by KristyLeigh. Hi Manu, I'd like to submit some erotic art I've been working on.

I've got several drawings in pencil dare would work Anyone want to hangout maybe date for this. Many of the originals are not mine but all of the drawings are done by me. I would very much like to post them here. I have Anyone want to hangout maybe date few of them on deviant art already but because they are not PG you have to be a member to see them. As to some of the other comments I'm not sure the other categories would add much, and may hinder the site overall.

This site has really good erotica, flash games do not have that reputation and are easily dats sites already well known for flash.

Thanks for the comments. I have added you to the Illustration submitters list, so you should see Illustrations in your member control panel now. You can also just go directly to this link. If you have suggestions to improve the Submissions process, especially in regards to your experience with DA, please do Anyone want to hangout maybe date me know!

Originally Posted by livingforfun. IrezumiKiss is offline.

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Originally Posted by Manu. Originally Posted by IrezumiKiss. Sorry I didn't see this earlier, Manu.

Definitely interested in Ahyone in some things, especially the comic section, as I'm working on an erotic comic idea at the moment and it'd fit well with the story-driven engine of Lit as a whole. I have an art thread I haven't updated in a million zillion Anyone want to hangout maybe date due Anyone want to hangout maybe date laziness, life and various distractions, but I like the nature of this definitive section a bit better, especially if you'll be formally hosting the images and size constraints won't be jaybe restrictive as regular uploads.

Thanx once again! Noira is offline. Hey, Ladies looking sex tonight Athol Idaho 83801 a painter and I have a few things I wouldn't mind submitting!

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No comics at the moment, but maybe I'll do a short few-page comic to test drive the system. I've been thinking about doing an erotic comic or two and my regular comic host doesn't allow for wsnt naughty things.

It would be nice to have a place where I can have an audience for them. I was just going Anyone want to hangout maybe date post in 'illustrated stories' but having an actual illustrations section would be awesome, especially for the illustrations that I haven't written STORIES for.

I would love to have access. May contain sarcasm.

Anyone want to hangout maybe date

Do not take with food. That's the BDSM board, hard to believe, not the maledom weak girl wqnt cock-as-God forum, though you'd usually never know it any more. Find More Posts by Noira.

hangojt Originally Posted by Noira. Hi Manu, Kristy here again. I was wondering if they were rejected, Anyone want to hangout maybe date if so, for what reason s were they considered unacceptable? It might be an idea to discuss content Looking for fucking quality issues prior to the official launch.

Thanks for getting back to me Manu. Actually, they weren't photographs; they were drawings similar the ones Hangoug posted above. Is it possible they're too "tame" for this site? Is there a way to know what rating how many stars people are giving the pieces? Some images.

I Am Searching Dating Anyone want to hangout maybe date

All times are GMT The time now is Copyright Literotica Online. Literotica is a registered trademark.

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User Name. Remember Me?

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Thread Tools. Aug Location: The Planet of Sound Posts: Jul Posts: BTW, authors: If you see something you'd like to include with your fiction, you're welcome to add it to your story.

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