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2 if you can meet tonight I Look For Dating

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2 if you can meet tonight

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This still seems unnatural. Read more comments.

Making Appointments |

If you're not sleepy, would you like to meet up tonight? I think your example sentences weren't that unnatural they sound good to me. English US Spanish Mexico.

I'm wondering if we can meet tonight, if you're not sleepy. I just took away "up" from the sentence or I'm wondering if we can meet tonight, if you're not sleepy of course. Highly-rated answerer.

2 if you can meet tonight

The sentence you put sounds good you can use it in a conversation, tonigth can also say: If your not tired do you want to meet up?? You could say, "I'm wondering if we can meet up tonight, if you aren't sleepy.

So I kind of feel uncomfortable saying this. But is this not that unnatural? Oh, thanks guys!!!

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It won't sound as unnatural as you think it would! Thanks for your help!

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Other types of questions. This answer was given within 60 minutes of the question being posted. Successfully bookmarked. Your bookmarks list is on your Profile page. What are "disagrees"?

I just asked a friend: It does seem strange to use the past tense "met" to describe a future event, so is it technically wrong?

A sentence beginning with "What if" introduces a sense of hypothesis, assumption, or condition, which doesn't reflect the current reality.

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This construction follows the rule of conditional clausein which the verb is in the simple past. What if it rained?

Would you still go ahead with your plan? What if you won a lottery?

Would you still keep your job? In your situation, you could also ask: The answer addresses OP's concern that what he said could be incorrect, which is not.

How to make an appointment in English | ABA Journal

It may be a suggestion or invitation. Both "What if we met tomorrow" and "What if we meet mdet are idiomatic English. The former is hypothetical and contains the idea of "What would happen if we met tomorrow? The latter is closer to a suggestion. Shall we meet tomorrow? This would the most appropriate question.

Meet is the present tense of the verb so you only use met when you are talking about a meeting that already happened. It is illogical to use"met" to represent an event which is to occur in future.

It is more plausible to say as under without being incorrect grammatically. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you agree to our terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policy.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What if we met tomorrow? Ask Question. Thanks in advance: For examples where the verb is in present tense: Jul 10 '15 at 1: There might be some differences between the two versions: