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  • Format: 2 Video DVDs - out of a set of 2 DVDs
  • Series: The Uniqueness of Christ
  • Speaker: David Pawson

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Speaker:   David Pawson


1 video DVD - out of a total of 2 DVDs containing a series of 6 talk sessions.   Each Session is about 35-40 minutes long and designed for housegroups, Bible study groups, church fellowships and discussion forums   as well as personal study.


Total Running Time for the 2 DVDs together:   3 hours and 45 minutes


Series:   The Uniqueness of Christ


      This DVD – DVD 1:

      Session 1:   Is Jesus the Only Way?   (about 35 minutes)

      Session 2:   What is Truth?   (about 40 minutes)

      Session 3:   Where his Words & Deeds Unique?   (about 35 minutes)


      DVD 2:

      Session 4:   Who Did He Think He Was?   (about 40 minutes)

      Session 5:   When Did His Life Begin?   (about 40 minutes)

      Session 6:   When Did His Life End?   (about 35 minutes)

      In a world where your next door neighbour may be a Muslim,  a Buddhist or a Jehovah's Witness,  how should you think about Jesus?

      What claims should be made about him?   Our society is based on a variety of philosophies   pluralism, rationalism,  socialism and so on.   How is the Christian life to be different?

      In one of the truly unique expositions of its kind,  with a new angle and a fresh perspective,  David Pawson discusses Jesus Christ's claim to be the Way, the Truth and the Life.   He examines his  miraculous power  and  moral purity  and describes the essential  qualities  of his uniqueness which extends beyond his earthly life.

  • 1. Is He the Only Way?
  • 2. What is Truth?
  • 3. Were His Deeds and Words Unique?
  • 4. Who did He Think He Was?
  • 5. When Did His Life End?
  • 6. When Did His Life Begin?


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