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  • Format: 2 Video DVDs - out of a set of 2 DVDs
  • Series: The Normal Christian Birth
  • Speaker: David Pawson

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Speaker:   David Pawson


1 video DVD - out of a total of 2 DVDs containing a series of 6 talk sessions. Each Session is about 35-40 minutes each and designed for housegroups, Bible study groups, church fellowships and discussion forums – as well as personal study.


Total Running Time for the 2 DVDs together:   3 hours and 50 minutes


Series:   The Normal Christian Birth - How to Give New Believers a Proper Start in Life


      This DVD – DVD 1:   Sessions 1 – 3

      Session 1:   Born Again   (about 40 minutes)

      Session 2:   Repent of Your Sins   (about 35 minutes)

      Session 3:   Believe in Jesus Christ   (about 40 minutes)


      DVD 2:   Sessions 4-6

      Session 4:   Be Baptized in Water   (about 40 minutes)

      Session 5:   Receive the Holy Spirit   (about 35 minutes)

      Session 6:   Saved at Last   (about 40 minutes)




How to Give New Believers a Proper Start in Life: the New Testament Way

  • How Does One Become a Disciple of Jesus?
  • How Did They Evangelise People in the New Testament?


      One of David Pawson’s most endearing legacies to the Christian church has been his teaching on Christian evangelism.   Its impact has been tremendous and far-reaching.


      Fully set out in his book, The Normal Christian Birth  (what he calls ‘the most important book I have ever written’),  David here sums up this teaching in 6 straight-to-the-point talks.

      With great concern for new believers, who are often badly birthed  (and therefore suffer the ‘post-natal’ symptoms often throughout their Christian lives),  David demonstrates how people became Christians in the New Testament church.


      How did the first Christians bring people from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light?

  • 1. Born Again
  • 2. Repent of Your Sins
  • 3. Believe in Jesus
  • 4. Be Baptized in Water
  • 5. Receive the Holy Spirit
  • 6. Saved at Last!


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