Whole Series (2 DVDs) - Word & Spirit Together? (DVD-JDP-000300-Eng.v1) [physical product] - standard shipping Available Now

  • Division: 6 talk sessions spread over 2 DVDs
  • Format: 2 Video DVDs - out of a series of 2 DVDs
  • Running Time: 4 hours spread over 2 DVDs
  • Speaker: David Pawson

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Designed for housegroups, Bible study groups, discussion forums or personal study:
DVD 1: Sessions 1 – 3
Session 1: Charismatics Characterised (about 45 minutes)
Session 2: Evangelicals Examined (about 45 minutes)
Session 3: Theology & Scripture (about 45 minutes)
DVD 2: Sessions 4-6
Session 4: Initiation & Glossalalia (about 30 minutes)
Session 5: Ministry & Worship (about 30 minutes)
Session 6: Holiness & Unity (about 30 minutes)

Word & Spirit - Charismatics Evangelicals: Are We Ready to Come Together?

How charismatic and evangelical Christians’ strengths and weaknesses balance – and why their strengths urgently need to be combined.




For the last four decades, charismatics and evangelicals have slowly been moving closer together. They are by far the two fastest growing streams in Christianity. Wherever they occur together, they are exceptionally strong.

Carefully explaining his position, David Pawson believes the time is ripe for them to be fully integrated with each other. He is legendary for his strong, clear, expository preaching. Starting from this uncompromising theological clarity and with an extremely high view of Biblical truth, David has gained a deep and lasting personal experience of both sides. He is also deeply respected by Christian leaders from both.

Now he has a passionate Biblical desire to see them united. With his own inimitable humour David also describes some of his practical experiences of these two streams. But most important of all, David has made a careful study of their remaining differences, and he believes these can be resolved without any compromise whatsoever on Biblical truth or authority.



Both charismatics and evangelicals have beliefs and practices that are strongly Biblical in character, and both have some traditions that are not necessarily that Biblical. After defining and clarifying their respective positions, he addresses such critical points of difference between charismatics and evangelicals as theology vs experience, prophecy vs Scripture, initiation (start of the Christian life), tongues, ministry and holiness. The challenge for both, he maintains, is to reconsider their traditional understandings and ideas in the light of specific claims the Bible makes.




This extremely useful study is highly recommended and sorely needed - Christians need to realize that theology without experience is barren, and at the same time experience without theology is dangerous. To seek experience in the Spirit without knowledge of the Word can be hazardous. Real spiritual sensations can come from a least three sources – divine, human and demonic. Lack of discernment and therefore discrimination can lead to confusion. Scripture is the yardstick by which we must judge what is of the Spirit.

These talks are designed for group discussion in your church or fellowship, as well as for your own personal study.


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