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  • Format: 1 MP3 CD Disc containing series of 4 MP3 messages
  • Series: Habakkuk - Verse-by-Verse - given in Aberystwyth, Wales
  • Speaker: David Pawson
  • Topic: Book of Habakkuk

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Series of 4 MP3 messages:

The book of Habakkuk paints a dire situation of a nation in traumatic turmoil. What is God’s word in such a situation?

In this fascinating study, David Pawson describes Habakkuk's complaints to God - and how God revealed to this man how surprisingly he was working out his purpose in the nation and for his people. Habakkuk's response needs to be ours today.

Out of this situation was born that most beautiful poetic song of Habakkuk in chapter 3. While preparing this series, David was moved to compose a majestic song based on Habakkuk’s - this is the one you will hear at the end of of the 4th message. For the words, click here.

This message forms an important fundamental teaching for the 'Challenge of Islam to Christians' series (DVD, CD or MP3).

Given on invitation on occasion in Aberystwyth, Wales.


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