Church Music Worship - Whole Series (MP3CD-JDP-010200-Eng.v1) [physical product] - standard shipping Available Now

  • Format: 1 MP3 CD Disc containing series of 3 MP3 messages
  • Series: Worship
  • Speaker: David Pawson
  • Topic: Musical Worship

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Series of 3 MP3 messages:

1. Church Music Worship: Yesterday

2. Church Music Worship: Today

3. Church Music Worship: Tomorrow

There has been a more radical change in style of church worship music (and musical worship!) in the last 30 years than in the previous 500.

Formal music worship has given way to an informal, even casual, approach in which music itself plays a more prominent role and preaching is in decline.

Why has this change taken place and is it for the better ?

Can we re-discover Biblical principals of musical worship and the appropiate application in contemporary culture ? David Pawson leads us through these issues.

This is an excellent series that is highly recommended, for church music worship leaders and pastors especially, but in fact all church members should benefit from it greatly.


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