Unlocking the Bible: Joshua (DVD-JDP-000207-Eng.v1) [physical product] - standard shipping Available Now

  • Format: 1 Video DVD - 1 of a total series of 43 DVDs
  • Series: Unlocking the Bible
  • Speaker: David Pawson
  • Topic: Overview of the Bible

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Designed for housegroups, Bible study groups, discussion forums or personal study:
43 DVDs divided into numerous powerful 40-minute sessions
This DVD's Session Breakdown: 7.  Joshua:   2 Sessions - of about 40-minutes each

 An Amazing Journey through Your Bible


A unique overview of the whole Bible, this fresh and fascinating series of 43 DVDs brings together a lifetime's worth of valuable insights and easily condenses them to a form that has quickly become this pleasant and spell-binding speaker's most popular series.

David Pawson applies these insights to the meaning of Bible events and Bible teaching.


"In this author’s hands Scripture isn’t just doctrine - it’s living." - Buzz Magazine

"David Pawson is an 'attractive' speaker to listen to." - typical viewer reaction

"[David Pawson] is a first-rate communicator." - Church Times


Crammed into one super value-for-money series, this is a fantastic opportunity to get to grips with the Bible as a whole. Know your Bible as never before.

Taking an overview of the epic story of God's relationship with his people, the Unlocking the Bible DVDs gives a sense of the broad sweep of Biblical history and its implications for our lives.

The culture, historical background and spiritual significance of these important times are introduced and explained - plus a careful examination of their impact right up to today. From Creation to the Second Coming, 'from Generation to Revolution', Unlocking the Bible is full of invaluable insights from a leading Bible teacher of our generation and a great communicator.

"Those who know God have great energy for God." - J.I. Packer

Change your life. Get motivated to know God's Word.


PLUS Boost your Bible study time: It is highly recommended that you get the Unlocking the Bible DIAGRAM BOOKLET with these DVDs. Click here for more info about the Diagram Booklet.
>>> These DVDs are warm and personable, with humour, stories and emotional touch. They are great for personal viewing, and fantastic for showing others, for groups, Bible studies and even starting a house group. (While people are extremely fond of the Unlocking the Bible Omnibus as a great, user-friendly summary to have next to their bed (with their Bible), everyone finds the DVDs special and different. Except for being 'live', the DVDs also have some extra aspects and elements, and sometimes a diferent focus from the bestselling Unlocking the Bible Omnibus book, that also make them quite a special asset.)


$ 15.00 (USD)

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