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  • Series: Exodus - Verse-by-verse
  • Speaker: David Pawson
  • Topic: Book of Exodus

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      The Exodus is an experience that reverberates through the rest of the Bible. See this book in a fresh new light.
David Pawson:
      ‘The word exodus means “going out” and it is essentially an escape story, and all escape stories are exciting and interesting to read, and the book of Exodus is no exception. I suppose this is the greatest escape in human history.”
      Exodus 3 & 4:  ‘…just 20 minutes ago… I was standing at the [church] door and a man came over from the bus stop, and said,  “Why do so many young people come to this church?”
      I said, “Because young people of today are looking for reality and they seem to have found it here.  But the best way to answer your question would be for you to come and see for yourself.”
      “Well,” he said, “I’m 80 years of age.”
     And I said,  “Well, I’m going to be talking this morning in church about a man whose life began when he was 80 years of age.”
Exodus 13 – 15:
    ‘...the day two-and-a-half million people got baptized…   [T]he passing of the children of Israel through the Red Sea corresponds, according to the New Testament, to our baptism in water.   It came at exactly the point in their pilgrimage that baptism should come for us.  They had already started the pilgrimage of the people of God, they had already believed in God, they had already put their trust in the blood of the lamb, that God might not visit them with his punishment and with death…’
Exodus 25 and 27:
      There in that plain next to Mount Sinai, ‘in that spot a wedding took place.   Yahweh, the God who made everything that is, was getting married to the people of Israel…’
Exodus 28 – 31:
     ‘Some Christians read the Old Testament as if the New Testament had not yet been written.   And other Christians read the New Testament as if the Old Testament had never been written.   Now that sounds like speaking in riddles, but let me give you examples. We have been looking at the Tabernacle…’
Exodus 32 – 34:
      ‘No man has ever seen God, but many people has wanted to…’

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