The Anger of God - Whole Series (MP3CD-JDP-002000-Eng.v1) [physical product] - standard shipping Available Now

  • Format: 1 MP3 CD Disc containing series of 3 MP3 messages
  • Series: The Anger of God
  • Speaker: David Pawson

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Series of 3 MP3 messages:

1. The Anger of God - Past

2. The Anger of God - Present

3. The Anger of God - Future

Are you feeling spiritually bloated?  Is your relationship with God not what it used to be?  This very positive message might be the medicine that cures you. A spiritual detox that works!

Only a God we can fear is a God powerful enough to save and help us.
Don’t waste your life on a weak, sentimental faith.

‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.’ – Prov 1:7


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