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  • Format: 1 MP3 CD Disc containing series of 30 MP3 messages
  • Series: Isaiah - Verse-by-Verse
  • Speaker: David Pawson
  • Topic: Book of Isaiah

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Series of 30 MP3 messages:

Isaiah is a fascinating book to study, in some ways it is like a Bible in miniature.

The book has so many very well-known in parts, that Christians know almost by heart. And yet it is also clear that as a whole the book is not known well, even less understood well. This is a shame, for it is the book that both Jesus and the Apostle Paul quote more than any other part of the Old Testament. The New Testament is full of quotes from Isaiah, especially its second part. Few Christians seem aware that phrases such as 'grieving the Holy Spirit', 'God shall wipe away all tears', 'a voice crying in the wilderness', 'you shall be my witnesses to the ends of the earth' and 'every knee shall bow and every tongue confess' all come straight out of the second section of Isaiah.

David Pawson looks at the man, his call, where he lived, the kings under which he served, and the entire book itself, placing each passage in its larger context. Isaiah gives both the disease and the cure. David adds: 'Of all the books in the Old Testament, this book says more, and most clearly, about Jesus Christ... his birth is there, his family background is described, his anointing with the Holy Spirit is given in detail, his character, his simplicity and his gentleness are here described... his suffering... His resurrection is here, as well as his death, his future reign in glory is described perfectly. So that in this book we are studying a Christian book...'

Be overawed: Experience the majestic book of Isaiah...


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