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Image of David Pawson "David Pawson is a first rate communicator." -Church Times

These messages are dangerous - They may change your life & show you God's Word in a new light. Don't try this if you're looking for the same old stuff...

A good place to start with David's Audio messages is anyone or all of the following:

Audio Messages

You love truth and want to learn as much as you can about the God of the universe...

After listening to any four of these, we recommend you choose any Bible book series. Maybe start with the short series with the weird name, Habakkuk - it will become your favourite Bible book. Then try a longer series, like Isaiah and completely blow your mind.

"We have watched a few of the DVDs and are absolutely loving David's teaching. He has the rare combination of penetrating insight, thorough biblical understanding, no compromising of the truth, simplicity of explanation and a truly humble heart, which is very rare today. I thank the Lord for him."
- Timothy Baker, UK/South Africa

Be radical. Know your Bible. Be what God wants you to be...

Make sure you also try David Pawson's very popular DVDs which are especially useful for groups:


"Pawson is a knowledgeable and charming teacher." - C. Samuel, USA

You know there must be more to life than what you have now. Something is missing, and you're not sure what. Find it here in the Word of God being unlocked and shared.

Please tell me more about David Pawson...

Image of David Pawson

David Pawson was once trapped on a farm with a bunch of cows. It was in a terrible snow storm and... Well fortunately he didn't end up in an asylum, but went on to Cambridge and from there to become one of today's greatest living Bible teachers. To learn how that happened, and how he went on to pastor what became one of Britain's most vibrant congregations, click here.

Hodder & Stoughton Publishers: "David Pawson has remained faithful to his own vow to be honest with God's Word as revealed in the Bible, no matter what the cost or consequence. David has a..." [read more]

"In these days when there is such an abundance of controversial doctrines, David Pawson's tapes, based solely on Scripture, are a beacon of light shining in the darkness." - H.R. Westmoreland, Canada