Quick Bio

The brief, unofficial, unorthodox version of David Pawson's time on earth - so far...

David Pawson was once trapped on a farm with a bunch of cows. It was in a terrible snow storm and he and his fellow farming students couldn't get supplies and food from town - so with truckloads of milk threatening to go bad, they made cream. Lots of it. And had to eat it...

Fortunately for all of us, David didn't end up in an asylum from all this, but went on to become one of the greatest British Bible teachers alive. (It wasn't because of the cream - though amazingly, he still loves the stuff!) Not only has the powerful content of David's preaching electrified millions around the world, but his gripping speaking style has shown that one can preach with a combination of both penetrating logic and amazing ease of style.

But God's call started softly at first, and then got stronger with time... until David finally went on his knees one day and said, "God if you want me to become a preacher I want you to show me before noon today." Just a little while later he was having tea with a fellow agriculture student, who commented, "David I still think you're going to end behind a pulpit rather than a plow."

David said, "God that's not clear enough." By 11:30 that same morning he ran into someone he hadn't seen for years and said, "Hi Mr So-and-So, how are you doing?" Mr So-and-So didn't answer. He simply said, "David, when are you going to go into the ministry?" David said, "God, that's clear enough" And so started a new phase of a fascinating journey (he was already singing praise songs while milking cows and preaching in an old military jeep with a bunch of young people).

Having obtained a B.Sc in agriculture from Durham University and knowing a lot about cows and driving noisy tractors, he now went to one of the world's most prestigious universities, Cambridge, to earn his bachelor's and master's degrees in theology.

There was a problem. Unfortunately, Cambridge already had one of those liberal theology departments where they read the Bible with a pair of scissors, cutting it until nothing solid, or believable, is left over. It made David lose his faith in the Bible, and almost his faith in God. But fortunately, God brought him back with a bang in a rather different way... He sent him to the army. More precisely, the Royal Air Force.

This was after many interesting adventures (read about them in Not As Bad As The Truth - Memoirs of an Unorthodox Evangelical), including doing house calls via motor boat to churches in the Shetland Islands, and a year of doing evangelistic work among coal miners. He had wondered what God wanted him to do next. Then he had a premonition that, when he arrived at their caravan, there would be a letter waiting for him on the floor, showing him the next phase of his ministry.

Indeed, there it lay. A blue envelope with a crest on the flap, telling him to apply as chaplain for the Royal Air Force... He was the only one who didn't want the job. He was the only one who got it. After getting in trouble on the base because he tried to get the gospel home to the troops without tradition, he was posted to Arabia, where the RAF was active at the time.

There, David's nicely prepared topical and thematic sermons to the young servicemen went down like lead balloons... Something didn't click. These men wanted something authentic - not little thematic sermons with stories. Once his neat little topical sermons were depleted, he was forced to go back to the source. Every preacher quotes from the Bible, even if the sermon itself has little to do with what the passage is saying. But few preach for the no-nonsense, unadulterated content that is really there in the Bible text. So David started preaching what the Bible really said. And he started preaching it from start to finish, "Generation to Revolution"(!), as it was meant to be read. This new "expository" preaching electrified the young military men around him. Now they thought this guy could preach!

Also, by seeing its effects and having it come alive in the lives of the troops, David Pawson had regained his strong faith in Scripture. With this awesome new insight and a fresh perspective on real Bible preaching (and zero flying hours behind him), David left the Air Force and returned to Britain. There he eventually became known as "the Bible man" among preachers in Britain. He would end up pastoring what became the largest and most vibrant congregation in the UK. Until God told him to start preaching where he would send him – around the world.

David Pawson has addressed Britain's houses of Parliament and participated in many debates. He has spoken all over the world, from Norway to South Africa, from America to Australia, and much in-between. He is also a main speaker at the annual Feast of Tabernacles in Israel.

Today David Pawson is also one of Britain's most well-known international Christian writers. His audio messages and DVDs, especially the bestselling Unlocking the Bible series, are well-loved and received enthusiastically by growing house groups and Christians not exposed to sound Bible teaching. In China he now even speaks perfect Mandarin Chinese ( :-) with his voice dubbed over by a well-spoken actor!).

And he still likes cream...